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  1. BorderlineDownunder

    Electric Bills

    So now I am in a cottage my power bills are very low by comparison to when I had my huge house. Regardless, I still struggle because Newstart is a pittance. Imagine my surprise last week when some guy from the Electric knocked on my door and told me they had found every house in the area was...
  2. E

    Do androids dream of electric sheep?

    I AM the Blade Runner, I Deckard, I am Roy Batty, I am One Among Many. I live via chemical process, through the profit of chemicals, through the spread of sleep. I am awake. Do you dare? Would you know? My prophet is Philip K. Dick, My Source is beyond Space, Time, and Genital Persuasion...
  3. S


    Hi, I'm just trying to get an idea of how much it would cost to live on my own. How much is council tax after applying the council tax benefit, water, gas and electric. Thanks. I'm thinking of moving out so I can try the non medication approach.
  4. Fairy Lucretia

    me AGAIN! sorry-esa panic xx

    so i looked at the esa questionare and it asks 'can you go out alone?' well i cant but when my aunty dies i will have to try put the electric on my key alone to the shop that is just around the corner but that is ALL i will be going out to do what if they say im fit for work? i will only be...
  5. M

    Stopping sertraline

    Hello I've been taking sertraline 100mg for around 4yrs and after I discussed with the doctor the possibility of coming off it I had my dose reduced to 50mg a day. This was about 6 months ago and I haven't seen my doctor since but I've decided to come off it quicker, I took a tablet one day but...
  6. B

    My day thus far

    Nothing worse than the one you love and who loves you leaving you because you have developed mental problems . Problems that the one you love has qualifications in but who has a desire to help all except the one she loves . Dr asks me loads of questions and I say how I've felt so much betterer...
  7. Poopy Doll

    Schizophrenia and Electric Shock Treatments

    Hi guys. My illustrator has schizophrenia and he tells me they give him ECT (electric shock treatments) every four weeks. This has been going on well over a year. I was wondering if this is normal and what people here on the forum think of this approach. He also takes medications.
  8. megirl

    can anyone give me some insight

    My mother in law shes one of those people that copes with everything, working with animals has been a breeder trainer has owned boarding kennels, worked her arse off for all her life. Her husband (my father in law) is very obsessed with money. they have several rental properties etc. they must...
  9. Grape

    warm home discount if on dla

    Just making you aware you can claim this from your electric bill. Its worth 140 pound each winter. Just got my credit. Im on esa support group and dla and was entitled.
  10. Electric

    What are your triggers?

    What are your triggers for the bi-polar disorder? We don't know specifically the causes of it, but we do know that there can be triggers. Maybe it is good to take a moment and write them down here, maybe this can make you more aware of the first symptoms coming up again, more conscience... Am...
  11. Electric

    They don't get it...

    Hi, I am being surrounded by nice and kind people who really love me, but today I realized something. It is about my meds. My doses gets higher by the week, and two of my friends said this: Friend 1: "Take a couple of steps back with X who you are in love with, 'cause X causes imbalance. If...
  12. B

    I am fed up of smelling smoke and gas

    I cant tell my Gp about this, as I am too scared to go to the surgery on my own, but I have been smelling a weird musty smoke smell and gas everywhere I go, I have done some research online and it sais it can be olfactory like firemonkee told me the other night but I am sat here with a stonking...
  13. M

    Regarding shaving, ( not sure if right section).

    Hi, I have a question. Is it better to buy an electric shaver, or use manaul shavers? im contemplating buying an electric razor, but i want feedback, are they worth it ? do they save you money? Whats your personal opinon on it ? or should i just stick to buying razor heads every couple of months...
  14. RainbowHeartz

    Electric meter reading please help

    i have a digital one, how do you take a reading the number has to be 5 digits long.... oh heck causing me alot of anxiety and making me feel like a dumb ass


    Hearing voices is a symptom of schizophrenia. It affects people in different ways, and to different magnitudes. You could be a voice hearer and be unaware. I should make it clear, that they are hallucinations. The brain is a complicated piece of hardware, and in some ways is autonomous. By...
  16. L

    messed up everything

    I don't know what's happening. Keep thinking my Mum's card on my paypal is a magic card, spending all her money, crashing, then realising it's not mine and taking out payday loans to pay her back. It's been happening for the last few weeks now. Told my Mum, she understood of course, but the...
  17. GDB76

    New job ends up making me feel worse

    I really thought my new job was just what I needed, and it should have been. For the last week they've been giving me every excuse under the sun why my wages haven't gone into my bank, and promising they'll be there at the end of each day. So I've been on the phone every other evening to...
  18. M


    I'm in a quandry and wondering how others handle their own home's security. I'm taking my meds as prescribed but noices never quit. I met a woman who said she was going to drive me crazy. She said her violent sexual abuser, her cousin, was going to mess me up, break into my home to break all my...
  19. jax


    I'm having major problems with spending. The very strange thing is that I am not in a massive high - I have been having a lot of mixed states and rapid cycling too. I was always able to manage my money until a manic episode 2005. Since then, I have had trouble with my money. I have always...
  20. J

    Electric shocks up my back and arms

    Hello all can anyone help in the medical profession. I had a serious nervous dreakdown just over 2 years ago , At the time my partner was getting me anti depressants (citalopram ) Sleeping tablets for 2 hours sleep a night and cocaine and vodka . With this mixture at the time i was having...