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  1. B

    thanks for responses about caring for someone with hygiene issues

    Thanks to those who responded. I am trying to get this person to take good care of himself and am trying to also take care of him. He is on a lot of medication and I hope he can continue to be functional. He just got a job and I am hoping it goes OK. Sometimes I am wondering if the "grunge"...
  2. I

    Tired of hurting

    It's Sunday. Last Tuesday I fell down the stairs. No serious injuries, though I had nasty rugburn, hurt my elbow, hurt my butt and and did nasty things to all the muscles in my back. Without thinking I tucked my chin so at least I didn't bump my head. But now my elbow just won't stop...
  3. prairiechick

    Can't take it anymore

    Winter is never going to end. April 3rd and it's still snowing, the whole day long. Sidewalks have been un-walkable for over 3 weeks. Slippery as hell. Still dealing with my sprained elbow, it's still bothering me after more than 3 weeks. All this winter is taking its tolls my mental health...
  4. prairiechick

    I need a mental health day from work

    ...but I'm scared to ask for it, even though technically we are allowed 3 a year. I had 3 days off work due to my sprained elbow less than 2 weeks ago, and next week we are closed for spring break, but I need it now.
  5. R

    IS it for the best? Advice please!!!!!

    Hi everyone, I need advice about what to do with my boyfriend :( we have been together for 2 and a half years, and all the time hes been depressed. I think he was first diagnosed with depression in 2008. Anyway, after a few months I noticed he does these (to me) strange things, like if hes...