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  1. M

    Erectile dysfunction and no ejaculation

    Are they any other psychogenic causes that are causing erectile dysfunction and no ejaculation besides anxiety, depression, phobias and panic?
  2. A

    Ejaculation problem on Meds

    Hi all, Newbie and first post. After years of denying I had an issue I finally went to my GP approx. 7 months ago and was prescribed Citalopram. The good news is the pills are working great and really taking the edge off my negative behaviour. The problem is that I have been unable to reach...
  3. SebastianAiden

    Performance Anxiety Sucks! Tips Appreciated

    Hey everyone, I use to have severe performance anxiety when it came to sex and it sucked! It got to the point where I avoided relationships with women because of it. Now I am on Zoloft so I don't have PME, which caused my performance anxiety to drop immensely. I know that performance anxiety...