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  1. C

    Jealous feeling

    I am always feeling so jealous (egoistic?) by seeing my colleagues without any reason. due to this feelings my time is getting spoiled and I am not able to concentrate on my work. Even sometime I am feeling jealous with my family members. How could I avoid feeling jealous? It is severely...
  2. qwerty1234

    I need love

    It's so hard, I get hit on by my friend but he is one of the most stable and reliable people I know action wise. He is respectful and it is just his intrusive advances that bother me. He also has other problems, some ego and pride and a lot of emotion and can be a little vulgar and nosy. But...
  3. Poopy Doll

    The Root of Rehearsing

    I am rehearsing what I want to say to the tenants daughter, over and over and over. I can't sleep with this constant repeating cycle of the same exact speech. And it occurs to me that my ego wants to control the situation; that I am trying to control reality by repeating my planned speech to...
  4. Kerome

    The beauty of being an idiot

    Lots of people seem wise and clever in moving within the system. But what is wrong with being an idiot? It’s only the ego that says you have to be smart, it tells you you have to know where you are going. Try to look at your ignorance from a different angle, it is clean, an unpolluted state...
  5. C

    lever since i...iv been depressed

    hi people please help me here,ever since i got into spirituality and attaining enlightenment iv become so depressed why? because of this 1.To attain enlightenment they teach that you have to drop your ego they say if you drop your ego you will find happyness and peace forever. 2.what is my ego...
  6. chesterking

    No more fear of myself

    Since my ego is nearly gone, I have no more fear of myself. Before I was always frightened of what I might say or do wrong. That fear is no longer there, because the ego is nearly gone. Pre-meditation worries: What happens if I retaliate and I say something stupid in public or I become...
  7. chesterking

    Ego hater?

    In meditation what do they mean by the term 'Ego Hater'? I have also read somewhere that meditation poisons you against the world? How so?
  8. A

    An essay on rediscovering confidence and self-belief, by a man recovering from depression

    An essay on rediscovering confidence and self-belief, by a man recovering from depression I've recently been keeping a diary, as advised by my therapist, to keep a log of all the thoughts going through my mind throughout the day. I often find it difficult to separate them into independent...
  9. cpuusage

    Has Spirituality Become Another Ego Identity?

    Has Spirituality Become Another Ego Identity? | Collective-Evolution
  10. *autumn*


    I'm interested in how people would define the ego.
  11. F


    MMPI-2 Scoring My T scores over 60: depression 89 paranoia 86 psychathenia 85 schizophrenia 82 social introversion 85 subjective depression 93 psychomotor retardation 65 physical malfunction 83 mental dullness 101 brooding 85 lassitude-malaise 70 social alienation 78 and 80 self alienation 82...
  12. cpuusage

    From Ego to Eco

    The fact that we have become more preoccupied with brand logos than the preservation of the biotic systems on which our lives depend, suggests that we have somehow forgotten who and what we are and where we came from. As world fisheries collapse around us, rainforests burn to the ground, the...
  13. firestorm

    Formal Intro

    Hi Everyone, I joined the site last week and have made some posts but have not formally introduced myself yet. So here goes. I am 38 and work in health care in South Africa. My mental health problems started when I was still very young (about 12 years old) and I have been battling life since...
  14. A

    Spirituality & Trauma

    [Worth Reposting Again - http://www.mentalhealthforum.net/forum/showthread.php?3143-Spirituality-amp-Trauma ] Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. - Kahlil Gibran ____________________________________________________ Traumatic experiences force victims to...
  15. L


    So, I've identified some narcissism in myself. And that troubles me. I really want to change this attitude. It's a common attitude, everyone has some element of it. Been watching these videos by a psychologist who wrote a book of narcissism. He thinks it stems from a phase in early child hood...
  16. J

    Psychosis - The Ultimate Ego Trip?

    I'm not saying this is valid for everyones psychosis, but its kind of put mine into perspective. The insight into what was going on comes out of a conversation with a Tibetan Buddhist practitioner friend of mine that started to break down my delusional architecture. In some ways I feel I fed...
  17. A

    In Case of Spiritual Emergency

    "It is possible to undergo a profound crisis involving non-ordinary experiences and to perceive it as pathological or psychiatric when in fact it may be more accurately and beneficially defined as a spiritual emergency". -- Stanislav Grof In Case of Spiritual Emergency BlogSpot -...
  18. schiz01


    I have been wondering what ego is and what role it plays in not only schizophrenia but everyone in general as well. As an example......when i was younger and before i became unwell i was a very capable sports person and took great pride in that fact.I thought i was pretty good and had a bit of...
  19. bluenomore

    Hey... I'm, new(ish)

    Large ego... Low self-esteem... back for now... check-out blue-blog
  20. A

    Spirituality & Trauma

    Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. - Kahlil Gibran Traumatic experiences force victims to face issues lying outside the boundaries of personal and collective frames of reference. As a result they are forced to confront psychological and spiritual...