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    Have you ever tried EFT?

    EFT is tapping solution to release our pain, stress, or mental issue. I find this technique from a book. Have you ever tried? Do you think it can work for you when you needed help the most but nobody is there for you?
  2. F

    My voices are a lot quieter

    Hi, this is not my first time in this forum but the last time I was here, I was in the middle of a very bad episode and I can’t remember my username. I have managed to make my voices a lot quieter and they have made me come in here to try to help other people. The methods I used to get them to...
  3. cimiuac

    There is help !

    :) For all, they need guidance to get out from their problems. let me know where I can help ! :clap:
  4. 6

    New. Abilify Vs Spiritual approach?

    I previously was working on my thinking. I tried to train myself to think more positively and choose to be happy. I would non stop read different books on that topic. I believe that life is a journey. And I used to feel that medication would just numb you from the lessons, that are to be learned...
  5. Ashami

    Eft & Nlp

    Hi guys After abandoning the NHS I have made an appointment with a private therapist who offers Emotional Freedom Techniques and NeuroLingistic programming to tackle depression, anger & nutrition probs. I've never tried either. Anybody got any thoughts? Oh yea, it's going to cost me £60 for...