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  1. B

    ECT Treatment #1

    I had my first ECT treatment on Monday. The treatment itself wasn't bad, but I got horribly sick from the anesthetic. I woke up with a pounding headache, and I later learned that I had pissed myself during the induced seizure (whee!). If you don't empty your bladder completely, it's bound to...
  2. nickh

    Experts debunk CBT myth

    Sometimes you don't know whether to laugh :D or cry :( Reading the following was one such time.... http://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/information/news/?EntryId17=61838 I'll cut and paste it for convenience too.... >>The idea that cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is more effective than other...
  3. E

    exercise for depresion can it help

    The Mental Health Foundation calls for patients with depression to be offered exercise on prescription. Substantial evidence shows that exercise therapy can be an effective treatment for depression. We want to: increase the use of exercise referral schemes in treating mild to moderate...
  4. D

    Effective service user involvement

    Like many people here, I suspect, I have been actively involved for quite some time. In this thread, I'd like to get people's thoughts on what marks out "effective" user involvement. How do we know it's making a difference? How can we persuade people to pay for it? How can we remind people it...
  5. W

    homopathic medicine

    AS someone who has used various anti depressants over the years to not much good ,i was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on homopathic medicine if it is more effective ,would be grateful for any input ,cheers