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  1. C

    West Yorkshire

    Bradford Positive Minds Positive Minds is a grassroots based action group within Bradford District. It is focused on ensuring older people with depression are treated fairly and equitably. It is also determined to influence policy and service provision. Positive Minds seeks to foster effective...
  2. E

    Minocycline and Hearing Voices

    After browsing several articles and talking with a man whose daughter recovered fully from her symptoms after a 10 day dose of minocycline, I have asked my dr if I could try it. The dr was naturaly skeptical as she said it was just given for acne. Reports indicate that antibiotics may have...
  3. C

    Eight things you should know about "mood stabilisers"

    “Mood-stabilizers” is a collective term for a group of drugs used in psychiatry to counteract mood-swings. Patients who experience alternating episodes of extreme elation and deep depression were originally said to be suffering from manic-depression, a relatively rare disorder afflicting about...
  4. C

    10 Things you should know about anti psychotics

    Anti-psychotic drugs (also known as neuroleptics and major tranquillisers) are a broad group of drugs routinely used within psychiatric services to treat the psychotic symptoms of schizophrenia. The most common psychotic symptoms are auditory hallucinations (hearing voices that others cannot...
  5. F

    Are psychological therapies effective in treating schizophrenia and psychosis?

    Are psychological therapies effective in treating schizophrenia and psychosis? https://twitter.com/Keith_Laws/status/564898627135758337 Centres around effectiveness of CBT rather than a range of psychological therapies.
  6. T

    First time realizing something might be wrong, need help.

    I have just realized that when I smoke marijuana I become aware of the anxiousness I deal on a daily basis and how it's hurting me. I also realize how primitive my sense of humor is while I don't have THC in my system, and how all my friends actually realize that, and then they modify their...
  7. C

    My own worst enemy

    After an internal fight with myself all day my will power caved and I now have what I need to end it . It's official I am my own worst enemy what sane person uses their knowledge of science to work out the most effective way of ending their own life . I really have lost the plot .:panic:
  8. D

    hi i am new to this foram thing

    I am a 60 year old male with skizo effective disorded and am tired of mental health and I want to interact with my piers si here I am

    Looking for an effective work out.

    I want to spend next year at the gym. I think using the cycling machines will be most effective for me, and perhaps some swimming when it gets warmer. Running will not be on the menu because it is too hard with my weight. I want an effective but easy workout, so I won't get burned out, but...
  10. F

    How to manage agitation in dementia?

    How to manage agitation in dementia? Br Jl Psy.2014.Dec 02.12.2014 Agitation is a common symptom in dementia. Nearly half of patients with dementia will have agitation symptoms every month and a vast majority will have persistent agitation for long periods.It reduce the quality of life...
  11. cpuusage

    Aldous Huxley on Drugs, Democracy, and Religion

    Aldous Huxley on Drugs, Democracy, and Religion | Brain Pickings “Generalized intelligence and mental alertness are the most powerful enemies of dictatorship and at the same time the basic conditions of effective democracy.” [Rest in Link]
  12. T

    Escitalapram for anxiety >>

    Hi all, just wondering how other people feel about escitalapram for anxiety? I have been on this now for nearly 6 weeks at 10mg - the first few weeks I felt god awful and had to take diazapam for the first week to take the edge off. I don't really feel it's had much of an impact, although...
  13. M

    Are Tattoos good at Covering Self Harm Scars

    Hi i'm new to this site ,and i wonder does anyone know if having a tattoo over self harm scars, is effective at masking them ,i have on one occasion embarrassingly been in a tattoo shop and was told ,its a delicate job as the scar tissue cannot be tattoo'd only the healthy skin between the scars...
  14. prairiechick

    I hate my body

    Ever since I started quetiapine I have gained so much weight and I hate the way I look and feel. I just feel powerless to lose weight. I've tried so many times, but I just can't seem to stick with it. I've struggled with body image issues since about the age of 13, and have struggled with...

    Anyone on Amulsuphride?

    Was reading about it last night in a book. Wondering if anyone has tried it? Good/ bad? side effects? effective drug?
  16. C

    Are psychiatrists the least effective of mental health professionals?

    Psychiatrists the least effective of mental health professionals, says consultant psychologist Psychiatrists are the least effective of all mental health professionals, a consultant clinical psychologist has claimed. In a stinging criticism of the psychiatric profession, Dr Henck van Bilsen...
  17. F

    Study finds way around schizophrenia drug side-effects

    ELEANOR HALL: Australian researchers have found a way to reduce the debilitating side-effects of schizophrenia drugs, which can cause tremors and shaking. Researchers at the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Science say dialling down the protein which causes the symptoms instead of blocking it...
  18. M


    my mood stabilizers have been raised to 200m this week and i am still on sertraline (anti-depressant) and diazipam. i am waiting for my new prescription for my anti-psychotics what meds do you take? and what ones have you found to be most effective? xxxxxxxx
  19. cpuusage

    A very quiet part of the forum

    Amazes me how quiet this part of the forum is - & it's probably the most effective, practical & best advice for all of us - that anyone can do.
  20. mybre

    can u build a tolerance to ur antideppressant

    I am dx w/depression & have been taking 60mg of prozac for 6 yrs. I feel like my medication does not help eleviate my depression symptoms anymore. I know antideppressants are not happy pills & i will continue to have good & bad days/weeks. However, I was just wondering if u can build a...