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  1. S

    I give up, I accept treatment even though I don't like it

    Well yeah I give up. I think medication is the only way for someone like me. I've attacked people, I've smashed all the windows on a neighbors house and I threw a piece of concrete at my uncle's car cracking the windscreen. If my illness effected me in a different way where I wasn't attacking...
  2. D

    What does taking a family member taking there life, do to the other family members

    What does taking a family member taking there life, do to the other family members I'm interested to know how a suicide in the family (say a sibling), effected the lives of the other siblings / members of the family? For example, is there some sort of pattern as to say that when a sibling...
  3. Gajolene

    Expectations vs. Reality

    Growing up we all had influences of what life was supposed to be compared to reality. I'm not saying anything till I get replies. How was your life effected in childhood by your surrounding elements of family, tv, doctors, law and such. Just curious to know. I could fill pages with conflicting...
  4. C

    How has Depression Effected Your Career?

    I still quite often find that I am in the middle of a slump only when I am in it and don't see any build up. I often get down about things and don't think much of it and then realise that behaviour has impacted other areas of my life. I wondered how depression has effected your career? Since I...
  5. T

    BPD - Therapy & making new friends

    I was diagnosed with having BPD late last year & it was a huge relief that there were reasons for my behaviour. I am currently waiting to start a course in MBT & was wondering if anyone has any advice on the course. Also did you find it helped you cope/manage every day life easier. I have had a...
  6. tigerfish


    This life is nasty!! Some terrible things have happened recently and I feel that my closest friends are talking about me to people I worry will react very badly to it? I can't trust anyone!! I feel like everyone is conspiring against me to make everything so difficult, I feel like I'm swimming...
  7. L

    Spoke too soon :'(

    Yeah so I'm feelin shit again. Think it's all this darkness. Does anyone else feel really effected by the seasons? Xx
  8. cpuusage

    Healing from schizophrenia

    i was diagnosed with schizophrenia when i as 25, but the last psychiatrist retro applied the diagnosis to when things first started. i had some difficulties & some odd experiences growing up, especially with anxiety/fears, nightmares & some odd emotional/mental states. i started getting more...
  9. Wiseowl

    ***TRIGGER WARNING***Thalidomide Documentary

    This is a very powerful and emotive documentary. I would not advise watching it if you are feeling vulnerable. I just think it needs to be on here given the topic and general issues around drug companies. Also there may be members who were around at the time, members who are not aware of...
  10. R

    Mental Health through Art ... please help!

    Hi everyone, I study Art and University and would really appreciate your help for inspiration and to use in my Art. I need people to write letters like a diary entry about their experience with mental health, when you got it, how it effected you, what you have, how it effected relationships...