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  1. A

    My Mirtazapine Experience

    WARNING! Do not take my personal opinions as a medical advice! Mirtazapine is a noradrenergic and specific serotonergic antidepressant drug with a very interesting non linear action. It's effects are very much dose dependent. At 7.5 mg it has a strong sedative action, while it's adrenergic...
  2. Jbb79

    About Testicular atrophy On APs

    Hi, I Need help .. I have got Testicular atrophy, from AP's .. It's rather bad, normally my Balls are about 12 mL, now they're 3 - 5 mL x x There's a cure, which can grow them back, called hCG . . Does any-one else know, about this side effect - - It is related to Prolactin suppressing the...
  3. O

    Try to help my daughter

    my daughter is 12 years old, it was diagnosed with depression illness and has auditory hallucination since this September, my family was shocked with this. Now she was treated with Serpent hydrochloride and olanzapine from doctor, but its side effect is too stronger, now only after 2 months...
  4. R

    Hi from San Diego :) My life changing stack.

    Hi guys, I have used this forum for years but never contributed so finally... hello :) I have tried every remedy under the sun to rid myself of unrelenting anxiety... Most of which had zero long term effect. Here are the things that did work & have changed my life! BPC 157 - First and...
  5. Ivory_NK

    Can I take Ambien permanently?

    or will I develop a tolerance and have to take more and more? basically with zopiclone I have to take 2 x 7.5 to have the same effect as one used to...
  6. L

    Antidepressants won't work.

    Hiya, I've tried three I think different meds for my depression and anxiety over the last year and none worked. First it was low dose citalopram, no effect. Increased dose twice over about six to eight weeks, no effect. Switched to venlafaxine, no effect even with increased doses. Came off them...
  7. N

    Anti psychotic side effect.

    Hello. I been taking perphenzine for a year Recently this summer I notice my body sensitive to Sun. usually I get Sun tan a lot but not when taken perphenzine. My question is there other drugs that don't effect Sun sensitive? Maybe abilify?
  8. R

    If I come off medication will it effect my benefits.

    Hi I am on medication for schizophrenia which makes me feel like I am a zombie, I can't do with it and want to come off but will this effect my benefits in any way. I believe that it is paranormal what is happening to me anyway, the drugs don't work at all.
  9. A

    antipsychotic that stimulates?

    I know that drowsiness is often a side effect of antipsychotics, but has anybody taken an antipsychotic that had a stimulating effect? I know that Abilify and Rexulti act as mild stimulants, but do any others? I'm thinking of switching to one that wakes me up in the morning instead of making me...
  10. A


    I posted that I have an "unsettling feeling". I think it is akathisia. It is more internal than external, though. I wonder if there is a solution to this side effect.
  11. T

    Need advice asap

    So I’m 2017 I went through postpartum psychosis and since then I’ve been on anti depression meds and anti psychotics well I’ve been having a bad side effect of seroquil where my vagina tingles and feels like turned on constantly even though I am not well I learned today it was a side effect and...
  12. N

    Effect of Hand/wrist shakiness/doses/whilst out today.

    Hi Folks, While i was out in a store/shop, and waiting to be served for paying, my hand wrist area was shaking like anything. Now I have a GP appointment not until the 30th of April, (I'm not going to try to book up for usual GP, when I have t his one booked within the same practice group -...
  13. W

    Citalopram - should I be worried about anesthesia / sexual side effects?

    Citalopram - should I be worried about anesthesia / sexual side effects? Hi everyone, Last Friday (12th) I started taking 20mg citalopram for anxiety and depression. I was pretty sceptical about taking antidepressants but was amazed when I found that they seemed to work very quickly (GP said...
  14. W

    A random reach out before a permanent solution?

    I don't know why I am here..perhaps the conscious mind is attempting to stop the subconscious, I dunno. I am 33 and have always had manic depressive issues, however has always defeated with will power. However, after a recent turn of events, I feel my own demise will become reality very...
  15. M

    Lexapro makes me feel suicidal

    who else has the same side effect with lexapro
  16. NatOnABat

    Side Effects are Destroying me

    I take Sertraline, common side effects are depression and anxiety, I'm also suffering a rare side effect of paranoia, what should I do?
  17. P

    Antidepressants and the grieving process

    Hi, I have been on sertraline for 3 years after post natal depression. My mum died a week ago and I haven't really felt sad, a little tearful on a couple of occasions but that's it. I'm guessing this is the medication having this effect, but I'm wondering if I'm storing up problems for later...
  18. L

    Theresa May confronted over PIP cuts

    Theresa May euphemizes savage cuts to PIP when confronted by an angry disabled person demanding democratic accountability – Politics and Insights New discriminatory changes to PIP regarding those with mental health conditions take effect from today. Have read it but can't find link to it now...
  19. L

    The Backfire Effect?

    You're not going to believe what I'm about to tell you - The Oatmeal Agree?? It would explain a lot.
  20. D

    Does anyone else like being wrapped up tight in a blanket?

    I learnt to do this when I was younger. It calms me down. I roll myself up tightly in a blanket or sheet and stay like that for however long it takes. Sometimes if I've been really anxious for days and couldn't settle at all, doing this makes me almost fall asleep as it's so relaxing. The...