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  1. A

    Spravato vs ECT

    I am wondering which one has the potential to work better for my severe treatment resistant major depressive disorder. I'm also in a hurry to do one or the other, does anyone have any thoughts or experiences with this? I have insurance but my psychiatrist said he could get them to approve...
  2. nomask

    DID and may be getting ECT. Anyone have experiences? (anyone with OSDD-1, too)

    I've begun down the road of trying to get accepted as a candidate for ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) and I have realized I have absolutely no clue how it's going to affect my DID and I've never heard of another persons experience with both. This makes me nervous. I'm not saying I'm worried...
  3. A

    Anyone have experience with ECT?

    Yes I know this is a extreme form of treatment but I hear many positives from people that have had it done as a last resort. I'm asking this because I've become so terrified of my conditions and feel like everything I'm doing is failing me. I am diagnosed with Major Depression, Anxiety, and...
  4. R

    ex girlfriend

    Hi, I wont go into much I don't want to go into the who broke up ect as I don't feel that is important. Basically From June to December the 6th, we had been talking on and off through out those months, I know she has had a bad time herself with her MH as she told me, I also know at the moment...
  5. O

    Has anyone tried electroshock therapy?

    I am considering getting electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Is it effective, and how was recovery for you? Did it change you in some way? I mean to ask if it changes your personality and functioning. Are the changes permanent? I don't want to go back on meds because of the side effects and...
  6. D

    ECT and nothing

    feeling less of a man right now even doing this but i'm already low and can only go down yeah... bipolar. my diagnosis says 'severe' and they aren't kidding. it is severe because meds don't work, therapy doesn't work, the wards don't work. the last option they're suggesting is shock therapy or...
  7. B

    Feelings of guilt from teenage actions/choices - 8+ years ago

    Hi All, I'm now in my late twenties, settled, and have a good job, ect. In my teenage years (~8-10 years ago), I found myself hanging out with a group of guys who were involved in vandalism: stealing from stores, breaking and destroying mailboxes/property, breaking windows out of cars, "garage...
  8. T


    Hey there I am a 28yo male that has struggled with severe depression and anxiety for 10 years. I have been on a handful of medications and have had 8 sessions of ECT. Looking to chat with caring and like minded people. Thanks in advance. G :)
  9. P

    ECT or medication?

    Hello. I'm new year. Back in early Feb I attempted suicide and was hospitalized at which I started ECT (had it done for postpartum depression 3 years ago). I was responding well to it and was sent home but towards the end of my first week I felt suicidal again and was readmitted. During this...
  10. T

    Electroconvulsive therapy. Experiences?

    Hi all! Newbie here to the forums. :) My wife has suffered for years (been married for 40) with BiPolar disorder/depression. The worst episode began in 2003 with a full blown freak out and first psych ward stay. Since then (past 15 years), it's been several hospital stays (maybe a couple...
  11. T

    ect side effects

    Has anyone experienced a side effect from ect where certain harmless images like a video game character or a random image briefly make you feel grossed out?
  12. J

    Hello. I've been looking for something like this. Looking forward.

    I have battled depression and anxiety for more than 20 years. I am married with one daughter, 27, living on her own. We lost our son to cancer in May 2015. He was 27. I have tried many treatments, including a variety of medications, group therapy, individual therapy, TMS (twice), and most...
  13. SBRicketts


    I seriously want this but in the hospital they wouldn't give it to me. I suffer with headaches,a numbness,which can only be relieved by smoking and drinking. So what should and can I do...? Keep smoking and drinking or ask for ECT again?
  14. V

    Has Anyone Else had ECT?

    I have bi-polar depression with psychosis, anxiety, PTSD, and night terrors. I spend most of my time in a serious state of depression and anxiety. The last few months I have been hospitalized multiple times, and I started ECT while inpatient back in August. After a course of three treatments a...
  15. D

    My dad died last year after fifty years spent battling depression

    Hi guys, hope this appropriate to post here. When I was three years old, my father had a reaction to one of his meds, and--no longer recognizing us--attacked me and my mom. He got better, but that was how I learned he was depressed for the first time. Soon after, my father--a major depressive...
  16. SBRicketts

    I want ect.

    I canheneve git ttickle torture on the nhs or pay for it. You anevene got the binkapkenalipze bout what chiropody ive gotde. lus wasshes woruse is ath I'm locked up here wit' a buncha broken promises and shattered dreamze. I wan' mah bottle of Wray & Nephews and a packet of rolling baccy The...
  17. C

    Life is ironic and unfair. Help me please or i will loose my mind.

    Hello everyone. Im a 22 year old girl living in albania, europe. I study for psychology and that was the best thing i ever did with my life. My parents are divorced (when i was 13) nd i've had a really troublesome life. And a really hard one to handle too. It seemed for a long time like i...
  18. C

    Help me. Loosing my mind.

    Hello everyone. Im a 22 year old girl living in albania, europe. I study for psychology and that was the best thing i ever did with my life. My parents are divorced (when i was 13) nd i've had a really troublesome life. And a really hard one to handle too. It seemed for a long time like i...
  19. L

    What is this?

    I keep having thoughts of harming my baby and hearing voices that I need to protect my baby "she is in the river" "she is on the roof" ect for me to save her BUT I DONT EVAN HAVE A BABY. PLEASE HELP!! WHAT IS THIS? I'm so tierd.
  20. bugsiebird

    ECT as help for negative symptoms?

    has anyone ever had ECT for schizophrenia while also suffering from bipolar? ive heard mania can get worse and memory loss is common. ive been suffering since i was 14 and meds for psychosis are no longer tolerated by my body. :cry: