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  1. blacksmoke

    writting a letter to the doc

    i have spent tonight writing a letter to the doc. got an appointment tomorrow. basically i am fed up of the meds i have taken over the years and having little or no effect. and i have made a case for vit D3 etc. i cant deal with more of the same being on drugs that have made little or no...
  2. valleygirl

    Gas Prices!

    I know the economy is not doing that great, with the Canadian $ and oil prices dipping lower and lower, but I have to say that as a student I am thrilled to see the falling gas prices. I filled my car for $30 today!
  3. M

    Study, 2013: Childhood bullying 'damages adult life'

    BBC News - Childhood bullying 'damages adult life' "We cannot continue to dismiss bullying as a harmless, almost inevitable, part of growing up. We need to change this mindset and acknowledge this as a serious problem” Dieter Wolke University of Warwick Bullying in childhood "throws a long...
  4. cpuusage

    Tories ‘Ruthlessly Targeting The Poor And Vulnerable’, Say Greens

    http://welfarenewsservice.com/tories-ruthlessly-targeting-poor-vulnerable-say-greens/ Green Party Media Release: Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne’s plans for a two year benefits freeze will once again penalise the most vulnerable in our society, says the Green Party, the only...
  5. cpuusage


    A juggernaut has been hurled at the 99% by the establishment. Beyond the mere inhumanity of the obscenely rich is the extent of the misery to future citizens of the UK and fact that this act of brutality is riddled with flaws. Awful chaos is now unfolding prodigiously. The woeful stupidity of...
  6. S

    Some helpful, realistic advice on the world of work

    Did you ever stop to think that higher education is a cartel? What about how education is based on a factory model that fitted an older economy than the one that we have today? Me neither. Not until I read a book this week. As I am not a brand new member, I hope you know that I'm not here...
  7. A

    Agenda for a New Economy