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  1. B

    Having trouble with food.

    Since the new year, I’ve made it my priority to eat well. I’ve been doing a good job. But eating has become something that makes me very nervous. I spend about 80% of each day thinking about food or preparing meals or worrying about my weight. For three months I did a pretty good job but I did a...
  2. H

    Do I need help?

    Hi I'm not quite sure how to word this, I'm a little embarrassed as I haven't admitted it to anyone. I'm a healthy size 12 but I hate my body, I absolutely loathe it. Self hatred is something I am dealing with throughout psychiatry and I also suffer from type 2 biploar. But for the past 2 years...
  3. B

    Lost weight, putting it back on

    In the 2nd half of last year I lost weight...since boxing day my mood has been really low and comfort eating is what makes me feel better. The weight is starting to go back on and I can't stop myself eating crap 😢
  4. P

    Close to relapsing

    A couple of years ago my eating disorder was really bad. Since I met my partner I have been much happier and more stable, and my eating has improved. I got to a weight which I felt okay about. I still had thoughts about being too big but as long as I did not go above this weight I was okay...
  5. sunset547544

    Hello from Fuertaventura

    Here now avoiding family and Christmas weather in England, it's been ok lots of swimming, walking eating & drinking in moderation.
  6. qwerty1234

    Parents are controlling

    I am 35 living with my father and he still tries to control how I eat. I don't think it is his privilege to tell me how to eat. I think my parents' controlling behavior plays biological and nurturing influence into why I had eating disorders from 15 to 30. It is frustrating. He tries to...
  7. A

    health problems and not able to eat enough!

    i'll try and keep this as short as possible! I've been through disordered eating before so i'm very aware of my thought processes around food, i try to keep a healthy and happy relationship with it but recently that has been a struggle. My diet is pretty restrictive at the moment, i'm vegan...
  8. F

    Treating men with eating disorders: do we need gender-specific care?

    Posted Una Foye December 11 2018 Treating men with eating disorders: do we need gender-specific care? So it seems the number of men and boys with EDs has been steadily increasing. I wonder what any of the males here with ED think about how to care for males with EDs.
  9. J

    Cant eat most of the time really need help ! :'(

    So, im going to keep this short and sweet, dont wanna be here all night 🤣 So recently (past 2 months) i have been waking up in the morning and being sick. Not really sure how it started exactly....but....i cant eat....i put the food in my mouth and chew a few times and i have to spit it out as...
  10. T

    Eating regularly

    I want to try eating regularly. The problem is I find it hard to organise and execute all of the food I like, or want, or need. I am also living with a narcissistic mother, which does not help, as I tend to avoid the downstairs.
  11. M


    Hello to everyone. I never posted on an online forum before. I'm from Southern Europe, English is not my native language although I can read it and understand it well, so I apologize for my possible mistakes. I'm 30-years-old and I've been struggling with mental health issues since I was about...
  12. whitelection

    What's wrong with me?

    It is so frustrating how little I eat yet I still manage to have fat on me. Other girls my age eat mountains, but they're skinny. I have a friend who is an identical twin; both she and her sister eat nearly thrice the amount I do, but they look like models. I'm not a jealous person, however...
  13. S

    Scared of where I'm headed

    Hi, I am only eating one meal a day now because I feel sick and can't function without one. The thought of eating scares me. This started about 2 weeks ago and I can see the weight dropping off which encourages me to carry on. Can anyone offer any advise, I can't get out of this mindset. I was...
  14. D

    Eating disorder/depression anxiety help For you

    Hi my names davina I have had an eating disorder for 12 years now with bulimia. I have gone from purging, using meds, over excerising to restrictions Im sure you all know. Deep depression I even had to get crowns as my teeth got so damaged. some times im high on life the next thing i just Want...
  15. S

    Feeling After Eating?

    Wondering if anyone else has ever felt like there is a rock in their stomach or something after eating? If so do you know anything I could do to reduce this effect?
  16. B

    Not eating enough

    This has only happened a couple times in my life. When my depression starts to spiral, I stop eating. Once I didn’t eat anything for 2 weeks. Losing a small amount. But since my depression and suicide ideation is a major battle right now, I’ve stopped eating a lot as well. Roughly just...
  17. MotherLion

    Finding the strength to move on from bad relationship

    It's taking a lot for me to write this. I'm worried that I may get caught writing this. I'm in a bad relationship. I don't want to exaggerate things at all, my boyfriend is not a monster but if he knew I was writing this then.. I don't know. He's not violent. Well, if he raises a hand to me...
  18. S

    I need to eat but my anxiety is too high

    Hi all, I’m going through a really tough time at the moment with a separation from husband. I am crippled with anxiety and feel so sad although I don’t regret my decision to leave him. I’m just concerned that my anxiety is so bad I haven’t been eating anything for nearly a week now, apart from...
  19. J

    Unexplained weight gain possibly triggering

    Hi, im new. Im stuck in a rut at the moment I am seeing my Dr and am aware no-one here can diagnose me i was just wondering if anyone had been through something similar. Over the past year (4years anorexia got very underweight) Ive gained a lot of weight, on too few calories a day never more...
  20. F

    Postnatal with eating depression

    Stupid as it sounds but don’t know what, where, who to turn to ... I have a 5month son who is my world I can’t fault him he’s amazing! But yet I feel so unhappy. I have battled through pregnancy silently with my fears of gaining so much weight and now months after birth I felt like the fight...