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eating disorder

  1. W

    Talking to a professional ABOUT a partner

    My girlfriend has depression, an eating disorder and possibly something more. I really love her and want to be with her, but some things she does and says are really putting a strain on her, me and our relationship. Some things are causing problems for our relationship and both her and mine...
  2. W

    Mentally unstable girlfriend. I'm worried

    Okay so I'm 20, my girlfriend is 23 and we're in a long distance relationship. She has been diagnosed with both an eating disorder and depression and is honestly not getting the amount of help she needs (but she has promised to get more help now, I really hope she doesn't break the promise)...
  3. EWdavid


    Purging was my jam about 10 years ago. I was really sick with it and can’t believe I was able to recover on my own at the time. It has, for whatever reason (I know the reason), crept back into my life recently and it’s both worrisome and congratulated by my ED mind. It feels like every few...
  4. feather423

    Food addicted.

    I always feel like my addiction isn't as tragic as drug addictions. But the truth is...my addiction to food is killing me. I can't tell if I'm addicted to food itself or if I'm addicted to eating. or how it feels when I'm eating. I've had an eating disorder since I was 13. I am 38 now, and I...
  5. C

    Feel like I need to be in hospital/not drinking anything

    I'm not drinking anything because my alters and I agree this is the fastest way to end up in hospital, which we see as the only safe space. The worst part about this is that no one else on the entire internet seems to have this issue. I feel very alone. It's messed up, I know. Does anyone else...
  6. S

    My girlfriend broke up with me because of depression

    Hi all, My girlfriend who I have known for a while but have been seriously dating for three month just broke up with me. Her primary reason for the break up was the relapse of her eating disorder. She said that she can’t date someone unless she is fully recovered. But as we talked more for...
  7. B

    advice for guilt after eating?

    hi. first of all, i have not actually been diagnosed, but recently i have been showing a lot of signs and struggles about eating and my self image, so i thought i´d search for advice here. i´ve been feeling so, so bad every time i eat, especially the past few weeks, it has gotten worse. been...
  8. C

    I can't drink and I'm getting so dehydrated!

    Today I woke up with absolutely no desire to drink. It's now the evening, my boyfriend has convinced me to have maybe 200mls of water after a day of cycling and walking in the heat. I'm parched, but the thought of drinking scares me so much. I feel like I've eaten too much today and I need to...
  9. I

    Need Advice

    um so hi im not sure if its a eating disorder but the last two days ive just not wanted to eat i know i need to stop eating bc im overweight but i usually find comfort in food without realizing ive eaten so much but these last two days everything i love sounds gross and i was barely able to...
  10. M

    Still in the Hospital

    I’m still in the hospital for an eating disorder and I’m really frustrated at this point. I’m eating what they give me and everything is fine except for my abnormally high heartrate. I have the urge to go back to restricting when I get home. I just really hope they let me go soon. I’m wondering...
  11. S

    I don't know what's wrong with me

    Hi, I'm currently in bed, not having gone to class since Monday. I'm a freshman in college, and I just want to spill everything out and hopefully someone will find a diagnosis for me because I don't know why I feel this way or why I'm acting this way. I haven't had any motivation to study or go...
  12. L


    I'm so tired of my mental health issues getting away in my life and ruining the years of life i have lived. I lost 18 years of my life to being sick in my head and I don't want the rest of my life to be ruined. I have such bad anxiety I don't do anything and i can't share anything with strangers...
  13. B

    Having trouble with food.

    Since the new year, I’ve made it my priority to eat well. I’ve been doing a good job. But eating has become something that makes me very nervous. I spend about 80% of each day thinking about food or preparing meals or worrying about my weight. For three months I did a pretty good job but I did a...
  14. I

    Misconceptions of Depression in Media

    Wrong, all wrong, The media has it wrong. It’s not romantic, it’s not poetic, And God forbid don’t say it’s quirky. It’s not tear-filled kisses. It’s not tight embraces under pretty bedsheets. It’s not rainy days, Or turned backs, Or hands clasped together in mutual understanding. No knight...