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eating disorder depressed

  1. I

    Need Advice

    um so hi im not sure if its a eating disorder but the last two days ive just not wanted to eat i know i need to stop eating bc im overweight but i usually find comfort in food without realizing ive eaten so much but these last two days everything i love sounds gross and i was barely able to...
  2. PurpleDaffodils

    Worrying Myself

    I love to eat in general and always have. After suffering from severe depression and anxiety I gained lots of weight. I know I needed to lose weight but had no motivation. After getting out of my bad situation and coming to terms with everything that happened to me I am now dealing with anxiety...
  3. E

    I need to know what's up with me ,pls help me.

    This is going to be long plus bear with me and i hope you can help me I've been having a panic attacks, i'm aware of that. I really thought i know what's happening to me.that i can control it. Turns out i don't. I've been depressed for the passed 7-8 months.I can't go outside because there is...
  4. H

    I need a friend or someone who understands

    Hi. My name is Hannah and I'm new to the site. I'm 19 and live in the U.K. and have recently been discharged from eating disorder services but referred for specialist psychodynamic therapy for my depression. I am struggling a lot but I cannot get help because I am scared of going back to the...
  5. kyarahope

    Vent about yesterday BPD/ED

    Hello * this could be trigging to ED, this is not my intention * So yesterday I went to be see my psychiatrist for my review, I did not really go into much detail because my care coordinator had already gone through recent events with him etc so it was a quick meeting. We chatted about my...
  6. S

    Have to but don't know how

    I have to be really honest with the aat Team and my gp tom and admit I've lied to them and ask for help with my moods spending money like it's water my s/hing my eating disorder coughing up blood I know what's going to happen I've lied for so long now it's become second nature
  7. N

    Please help - worried about wife

    Hi I am new to this site. The reason I joined here to seek help. I am married around 2 and a half years ago. It was an arranged marriage happened within a month. Just after a week's stay together we were in two countries for our work. My wife is very thin and I thought it is natural until I...
  8. S

    Discharged from mental health services

    I'm really new to this so please bare with me , my care co-ordinator has discharged me this week I had no idea it was an option ,I constantly think about not being here anymore I'm living in a big black hole all the time I'm suffering with an eating disorder and he said I'm discharging you you...