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eating desorder

  1. K

    Weird experience after purging

    I was staying ta my bfs house for a few days and couldn't purge and whenever I'm home and by myself everything feels so much worse cause it's kind of built up a bit I guess. So once home I ate dinner and some snack and stuff and I think around 2 in the morning I was like "right now is the time"...
  2. S

    Don't know

    At the moment I feel really angry and upset with myself I have tried on 2 occasions now texting my councellor but haven't heard anything back from her I know that people say that it's my anxiety and depression making me think that I've upset her cos of what I've told her but it's not I know...
  3. M

    Xmas - Eating - How do you cope?

    so ive struggled with anorexia for 5-6 years though in the last couple of years ive managed to maintain a healthy weight for my height. however in the last 6-7 months i have relapsed. Obviously the big day is fast approaching!!! I am terrified of sitting down eating Christmas dinner with family...
  4. M

    Parents bully me over ED, don't know where to turn to?

    Hi there, I've had problems with anorexia for about 3 years now and though i am not dangerously thin and still relatively healthy looking 19 year old, my family bullies me over me not eating. Especially my father, yelling at me to sit the fuck down, stop being stupid and just eat. Then he just...