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  1. T

    What kind of foods to you eat every day

    I seem tto live off muesli and scrambled eggs and beans at the moment with the odd bit of oven chips what foods do you eat a lot of?
  2. E

    I need to know what's up with me ,pls help me.

    This is going to be long plus bear with me and i hope you can help me I've been having a panic attacks, i'm aware of that. I really thought i know what's happening to me.that i can control it. Turns out i don't. I've been depressed for the passed 7-8 months.I can't go outside because there is...
  3. L

    Embarrassed, But Asking...

    Hi, I'm REALLY new here and I'm posting because of concerns, I guess, that I have about myself. I'm a 29 year old woman, and I suppose since middle/high school I have had an on-off relationship with food. I don't think I'm fat, but i hate being bloated and of course don't want to be overweight...
  4. T

    Fish/fish oils

    Eat your salmon guys The omega three fatty acids can actually stop you getting depressed!
  5. S

    When I'm psychotic I'm a fishetarian

    When I'm psychotic I'm a fishetarian. The last number of episodes I have had I would eat mainly vegatables and the odd piece of fish. I just had the beliefs that it was wrong to kill an animal when you can eat something else. Of course if my life depended on it I would eat meat but I would...
  6. R

    It's getting dangerous and I'm aware.

    Hello everyone, a little back ground on myself and my eating disorder. I'm a 28 year old female with a 5 year old son, after becoming ill about 4 years ago I got 'heavy' I decided one day I'd had enough and went on a strict diet and exercise regime. Worked great!! I'm 5'6 and weigh in at...
  7. S

    What should I do?

    So I'm new to this and lately I've been very confused about what is going on. So it all started when I was younger and I stopped eating normal foods such as vegetables and fruits. My parents thought this was normal as most kids go off these foods then start eating them again but I never did. I...
  8. A

    Opinions please?

    Hi all. I'm not sure of the correct forum to post, but basically I'd like an opinion to see if you think I suffer with any sort of mental illness. Any input is greatly appreciated so thanks in advance, and apologies if you think my post is a waste of time. Where to start, hmm.. well all my...
  9. P

    Explaining the metaphors for the christians some more.

    Salt christians, it's bad, not good. Tastes great right, well that's bad. Pillar of salt, it's bad. Salt crumbles and kills you if you eat to much of it, it's bad. To be salt or salty, very bad thing christians. Salt of the earth, it's horrible to be that.
  10. N

    I seem to have an eating disorder with no name!

    I'm bipolar (rapid cycling) with BPD but I also seem to have developed a very strange obsession with food; I think I have some sort of eaten not disorder but I don't think I fall into anorexia or bulimia can anyone help? It started last year I went to Slimming World to loose weight, I quickly...
  11. Baracchi

    My mother is worried

    Hi, I'm new here. I gained a lot of weight since I've been in the diagnosis limbo between Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective Disorder (type Bipolar) - for the past 5 years. I then started feeling guilty so I'm spending days drinking only water and I managed to lose all the weight I had gained...
  12. M

    I know its horrid

    I'd like to be a certain weight. I've had problems with this ED on and off. I'm just not happy with myself. My boyfriend is is losing weight, he constantly reminds me. Ugh. Its triggering for me. I've gained weight this year, it makes me sick. I binge eat because of anxiety and depression. I...
  13. A

    Urges to binge and purge

    I have the urge to buy food and binge on it and then purge. I have never had anorexic or bulimic tendencies. I lost weight a while ago but had to. I was medically overweight and told so by a Nurse. It was also very evident to look at me also as i attracted comments in the street and couldn't not...
  14. H

    Eating habbits

    I used to over eat and gained like weight but now I under eat. I do a lot of walking and I cannot eat in front of people and I need to eat before 4 or 5 in the evening other wise I won't eat i have now lost weight I know this isn't normal and I can make myself ill but the thought of getting...
  15. L

    When I surpass a certain weight I hate myself

    People never say i'm skinny because I'm not. I'm just small. Im gaining weight, and I hate myself. Its more OCD than anything. Everything has to be just so. I looked at myself in the mirror today and wish I never had. I hate myself. I hate myself. I hate my face, my body is never going to be...
  16. I

    I think I need to go to hospital

    I spent 2 years in a psych ward and I'm now in a specialised care unit but basically my mental health has deteriorated to the point where I think I need an admission. My self harm is so bad that I need surgery to treat it and it's all I want to do. I am at risk of losing a limb every time I do...
  17. P

    They won't eat the last of me.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UP8GrqmjMk Still here, they won't eat the last of me. Just eat the last of me, when will i be free, just do it and move on to the next victim. Do it already, don't really care really. Can't wait for the ground to swallow me or the fire to eat up this stupid...
  18. S

    I feel like I'm losing control again

    Lately I've been noticing that I'm not eating as much and a lot of the time I don't eat. Sometimes I purge. And I know that I'm not supposed to be doing these things again but I just don't like the weight I gained. I really need some support. I might be looking at going to a hospital again.
  19. J

    Anxiety and bowel problems

    I have trouble with anxiety and needing to rush to the toilet. It happens before I go out ,when I'm out ,if I eat,ifi don't eat .it's embarrassing and taking over my life. Can anyone help?
  20. G

    I think I have an eating disorder

    OK I'm not 100% sure but here goes....I weigh myself up to 10 times a day and sob my heart out if I even put a pound on, I am restricting my calorie in take, and did an hour kettle bell class at the gym (this week I've done zumba, clubbercise, and kettle bell classes) today I have a few more...