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  1. P

    Depression and severe weight loss. Should I be concerned??

    Hello. 24 year old female, I have struggled with major depression for years and am a suicide attempt survivor. About a year and a half ago I fell Into a deep depression and wasn't working or anything and dropped to a lot of weight. Since then my eating habits have gotten so bad and erratic. I...
  2. B

    Do I have an eating disorder?

    Hi all, I'm brand new to this forum. I registered specifically to ask this question as I cannot find any information anywhere. Hopefully you can all help. My problem is, basically, I do not eat. I can go two to three days at a time having eaten a slice of toast or an apple, or something else...
  3. Z

    Alone again

    Yesterday my best friend of 8+ years decided she no longer wants to be my friend. She says I know where she lives yet I never come over. What she seems to forget is, I’m the one that has always been there for her, I’m the one who sent her good morning text when she was suffering from depression...
  4. O

    Not sure what my problem is....

    Hi Well, not sure where to start really. Something's not quite right in my head. I have an ability to overthink all situations into a negative. A few mistakes I made when I was younger play on my mind a lot, sometimes I can't let things go. I work hard and have a very stressful job which I...
  5. B


    It may sound strange but I became bulimic by accident. Through dieting I managed to lose weight but then became obsessed with what I was eating. I eat about 500 calories a day, which may be more than you would expect for someone with bulimia... The other day I was at a friends house and her...
  6. A

    I need help

    Hi there everyone, I just moved out of my abusive house and I'm on my own. I was seeing a guy I'm in love with but he left me recently and ever since then my disordered eating has gotten out of control. i can't eat anything unless im binging and when I binge I hate myself and get super...
  7. J

    No appetite

    Hi all, I'm new here so I apologise if Iv posted in the wrong section. I wasn't sure whether to post this in anxiety or eating disorders. Basically Iv had anxiety for years especially the past 2 years. I struggle with eating. Every morning when I wake up I stress so much about what I'm going...
  8. M

    Do I have depression if I sleep and eat well.

    Hi all,I have anxiety and depression and currently on anti depressants.I have anxiety and depression through my job where the pressure has got too much.I spend days feeling anxious and depressed however I still sleep fairly well,not great but good enough.I do still have an appetite to but I do...
  9. B

    Family Member - Help!

    Hi, I am writing on behalf of my sister (who is tech-challenged) - she is looking for some help and answers about her son (my nephew). We are both very worried about him and we have no idea where to start. I am unsure if this forum supports family members, but if not and someone could point...
  10. I

    As it happened. Maybe you can see it coming.

    I've never really thought about this; I try not to. I've also never told my story to anyone but it is time for me to stop and take stock of what is going on albeit it probably is a wee bit too late to do much about it now for me. In any case, I'm going to put this out there. If you find yourself...
  11. W

    Lifelong impotence

    I'm 19 and have genuinely been impotent throughout the whole of my development to the point where it's impossible to get any sort of erection. The though of going my whole life without being able to start a family or enjoy sex has made me suicidal. I don't leave my bed, have multiple panic...
  12. H

    I think my wife is developing an eating disorder

    So I don't really know where to start so I'm just going to ramble here and hopefully some of it will make sense. Recently I have started to think my wife might have an eating disorder, yesterday we had a bit of an argument because she hadn't eaten anything on Thursday and she was planning on...
  13. F

    Not enough fruit and veg

    Like a lot of people ,I guess, I don't eat enough veg. Perhaps that's not surprising given the number of ready/take away meals I eat. I do wonder how to eat more veg with my ready meals. Like how do you microwave the veg and the microwave at the same time? Being a Philistine I tend to put the...
  14. R

    Work triggering me

    My boss recently lost weight because of stress, and so many people who know her come in and point it out. Tell her that she's lost too much, mostly, and it doesn't suit her (which I think is rude! But she laps up attention. Anything to get her talking about herself). Some say she looks well. I...
  15. L

    Hi I'm new!

    Hey guys. My daughter who is 17 is prescribed fluoxetine for depression with links to bulimia. She had now told me that she regularly hears a female voice who is trying to control her - telling her what to feel and do. Not eat for example. Had anyone had any experience of this? If so what...
  16. S

    overeating disorder

    i usually overeat i cant stop that everyday i eat too much every hour to hour i go eat anydrug could me help with this disorder i also was or still i dont know schizophrenic thank you everybody
  17. T

    First day on Sertraline and its horrible

    I started on 50mg of sertraline today and have been bombarded by side effects including nauseua, shaking, yawning and tiredness and being really cold. The main issue is with eating. I have no appetite and whenever I try and eat, my mouth sort of shakes making it really hard to eat and I feel...
  18. S

    New and scared

    Hello all! I'm new here and needing some help. I'm hoping that other people will understand what I'm going through because none of my family understands. I have very severe panic disorder to the point of agoraphobia. If that's not bad enough I've had a severe severe Dr. phobia forever. I...
  19. valleygirl

    Too Depressed To Get Off The Couch

    I haven't felt this low in a long time. Don't want to eat. Don't want to do anything.
  20. T

    Christmas eating

    Another year where my calorie level and Christmas do not go together. I want to be able to eat all the nice things at Christmas. We've got dinner at my in laws, so I'll have to make excuses to avoid food there as my mil is a total food pusher. I'm going to be buying Xmas food for everyone at...