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  1. 1

    will i always feel this lonely?

    been somewhat getting things sorted im back under the community mental health team with a new cpn and have been working with a few self help charities. my life has turned into sitting in my room 24 hours a day not even talking to family and only leaving the house for my weekly appointments. i...
  2. Zardos

    What's PIP Actually For ?

    Are we all trying to claim the wrong benefit ? I've just been awarded PIP at the standard rate.. For.. "Help with your daily living needs" But not for "help with your mobility needs" But the paper work they sent me doesn't mention my 'mental' health.. Its all about washing, dressing and...
  3. M

    When i eat, it happen so quick, is it any problem ?

    :peace:Hi there!! I am from Bangladesh. When I eat something I think I did this so quickly and without chewing any food. Does it occur any problem with ensuring my overall :yuck:health?
  4. R

    I can't sleep.

    It's 11:38 pm as I'm typing this sentence. I took my medication at 9 pm and usually it works several minutes, especially if I eat something right after taking it. Well I did eat something. It was a sandwich with Gouda cheese, ham, salami, tomatoes, and mushrooms. And I still can't sleep. I don't...
  5. S

    New to this

    I have quite an obsessive personality, which becomes a bit of a problem when I decide I want to lose weight. I hired a personal trainer at the end of last year determined to lose weight before going on holiday, it was all going great for the first few months, I was feeling stronger and losing...
  6. C

    How I manage my anxiety and it worked 😊

    Well I always had dealt with anxiety since I can remember but it was all under control until last week. Since then I had nothing but bad anxiety and panic attacks with sleepless nights and waking up during the night anxious and scared. I been changing the way I eat which had help a bit I eat...
  7. O

    Worried about developing eating disorder

    Hi there, I'm a 22 year old grad student, and I've had anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember. I've been having some issues with food lately that are starting to worry me. Recently, my days have been going like this. I'll wake up, drag myself to work way too late, no breakfast (I...
  8. J

    When is exercise okay?

    I've been struggling with an eating disorder for about 7 months now. Days where I just don't eat or eat very little. I used to exercise as a way to make me feel better but I cut it out when I realized what I was doing. Now, I'm really feeling anxious because of school stress and I want to go on...
  9. Matryoschka

    Lump in throat

    Hello everybody, I have an anxiety and panic disorder and I also have health anxiety. Because of a lymph node infection I had trouble swallowing but I still could eat a little. Since mid January I cannot eat properly anymore, even though the infection is long gone. I went numerous time to the...
  10. S

    I love Lithium, but am I able to do this on it

    Please no over the top responses, as this will start messing with me and causing panic at the slightest symptom. Just objective, sound, scientific, fact-based answers only please. Thank you in advance!! I am fairly skinny- I weigh about 115 lbs and am around 5’9” to a maximum 5’10”. I also do...
  11. G

    I can't eat food around others/extremely self conscious

    I'm very self conscious and I can't eat in front of others anymore. So many people live in my housing that I literally can never eat by myself anymore, unless I eat in my room. It always seems people have conversation with me while I've got food. They ignore me at all other times of the day and...
  12. P

    Appetite control and weight loss tip.

    These things work for me and it may work for you too. Appetite tips Chew gum (chose a flavour you like- strawberry, fruity and other wacky flavours) when you have a huge urge to eat. A craving can last up to 20 minutes, so chew to pass the time. Drink hot beverages (but not too hot that will...
  13. R

    Is this catatonia?

    This question is actually about my father, who is in the hospital right now. I know it's probably useless to ask when he could be treated/diagnosed at any time, but I hope you'll forgive me my impatience. As you can see from the cocktail of medications he's been prescribed, he hasn't been...
  14. P

    What You Eat Can Affect Mental Health, Physical health?

    You have heard about eating healthy to reduce the risk of diabetics, blood pressure and certain cancer, but what about mental health? There are dietary that can boost the cognitive function and reduce the symptoms of depression and other mental health disorders. Here are some essential tips for...
  15. Alex_Nash

    getting fat from AP

    I'm going to take risperidone 1ml the next day. If I eat well (low carb) and exercise I will still get fat?:panic:
  16. N

    Weird eating

    I feel so tired and i try to sleep but i cant so i get up and want to eat something and im not even hungry. I can go the whole day without eating then in the evening when i am bored i want to eat? Ive had this habit for months and i dont know how to stop it.
  17. B

    Recurring Acid Reflux

    For almost a month, I’ve had acid reflux every week for about 5 days. When it goes away, of course, I’m starved. Unable to eat a lot while I’m in pain. I eat a salad or sandwich or bananas... and bamb! Acid reflux back. Well, it hit again yesterday and i spent the night tossing turning and...
  18. K

    Alienated from housemates

    Hello! I am currently a freshman in college. I am also an athlete and am carrying 19 credit hours this semester. I moved two hours away, and I knew no one on campus. I am at a small public university where most of the students are commuters. However, I live on campus in an apartment style dorm...
  19. G

    Anxiety about eating

    Eating has become such a chore and a game of restriction. I have had a bad ED for a few years, severe yoyo dieting. Now every time I eat I'm literally never satisfied. Eating is just a tease for me so I try to eat as fast as I can because eating slowly makes it worse. After a two week binge...
  20. U

    "Safe Foods"

    I want to see if I am the only person that does this? I have pretty severe general anxiety and one of my large irrational anxieties is that my food is poisoned or bad. This usually only happens at night due to the fear that if something is bad that no one will be awake to help me. I found a...