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  1. T


    Does anybody else suffer with agitation? I have been crying, shouting and generally having a bad day, making it bad for other people too. Frustration and not my usual relaxed and easy self. Adverts about homelessness and starvation, animal cruelty and war, it doesn't make me reach for the...
  2. embleton

    The joys of being superior and on top of the world

    It's clear to me that I'm one of those individuals that is beyond intellegence! Today has been one that has been beyond entraonderary. The council in my area cannot work out holiday pay for my personal assistent and give an example of how they work out their forumla for their clients! I can it's...
  3. Fairy Lucretia

    it is not easy to die by suicide

    so im stuck
  4. K

    HI new here..

    Hey guys, just new here, I tried to commit suicide, I nearly saw death till my dog knew something wasint right with me and climbed all over me, she's all I have right now and the main reason why I pulled my self together.. scary knowing how so easy it seems to do it which the pain you you been...
  5. O

    Hey guys quick question

    What do you do if everything you say is being taken in a hostile manner. Everything I say to my partner has some hidden meaning. Tonight while watching Antwon fisher I made the comment he was an easy target( because it was so easy to drive him to anger) well my gf of course said I was saying if...
  6. letmein

    just saying hello...

    hey guys, i hope you are all safe, not been on for a couple of weeks just not doing so great.... take it easy ...
  7. scrappy-doo

    sleep ?

    Is anybody else having issues with sleep, every time I go to bed & shut my eyes iv got that many thoughts racing around in my head & that much worry I find it impossible to get a decent sleep, iv spoken to my GP & all they said is that it comes with anxiety n it will pass, but it's not that easy...
  8. I

    crying over the most silliest thinh

    I like to keep to a routine and don't feel I can do anything untoll I'm on top of everything and all I wanted to was put washing in machine for work tommorow and my brother had just put second lot on I feel sp un easy and disorganized and like I cant do anything or focus on anything just going...
  9. S

    Hello all from Stevie

    Hello all, I have been here before but unfortunately fear of the unknown and not being ready in myself resulted in me running with my tail between my legs. Anyway I'm back so I thought I would say hello whilst introducing you to who I am, what I am and what I am doing to over come my issues...
  10. Tired Daisy

    Dating a burn victim

    So I kinda feel like I should post this in the "Getting your life back" section as theres nothing wrong with somebody wanting to date a burn victim in hoping that they could both be happy with each other. I kinda feel like an asswhole posting this but fuck hostility I've had enough of it for one...
  11. M

    Severley messed up

    I've had an eating disorder for over 5 years. It's gotten to a point where everyone around me who knows about it has had enough. They just expect me to get over it, like its a broken arm. I try, but its not that easy. I dont know how much longer i can live like this, if you can even call it...
  12. P

    troubled mind, depression

    my mind can't work properly. I have learning disabilities. I belong to the "slow". I just want to die. Life is unfair. there is nothing left for me.
  13. K

    Not sure where to begin

    I've battled depression and other challenges for most of my life. On a positive note, I'm considerably happier the past few years, but not out of the woods yet. I have never sought professional help. I've taken many online tests over the years which "strongly suggest" I may have Asperger's...
  14. 0

    Never been this bad before

    Been two months since I self harmed and now ive done it again normally the self harm is minor, just a mark, just enough to feel pain and a sense of relief not this time. It's more severe this time. Ive let myself down, I keep telling myself I won't do it again but it's really not that easy. It's...
  15. Cerioth

    Whats with people and rejection

    I am so sick and tired of this :( Whenever I manage to make a new friend or get in a relationship, the start goes well. Both of us are happy and excited about everything, and I do tell people about my disorder and what it can mean and also warn them I wont always be easy to deal with. But...
  16. BillFish

    I wonna live on easy street he he

    Fck this for a lark I want to live on easy street! https://youtu.be/XzSSiMa29AE
  17. sahasrara

    I should be normal as its Christmas

    Apparently I should be normal as its Xmas. Just forget and deal with all my mental health. Just like that, because its just that easy. I'm selfish and pathetic Right now I just want to die
  18. dubblemonkey

    it's easy to love!

    and it's easy and it's ok and better to love to you and me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHn7w3o22PA&list=PLBE08FD0FBA00C7B0 much love xxoo
  19. dubblemonkey

    it's easy to be alone

    bipolar scares everyone! I like how diabolical I am and what you are not!
  20. dubblemonkey

    it's not fair very much

    and....it's very easy to adore those who care much.. its ok to be loved.... it's easy to love everyone else!