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  1. P

    overstimulated by sounds?

    I honestly don't know if this is the right subforum for this question because I don't know what it is lol but this sounded like the most appropriate I guess. more easily when I'm tired, but not exclusively, I seem to get easily overstimulated by sounds especially. for instance I'm tired and...
  2. Solitude1

    Tired of being a burden to family

    Hi. Good day. I'm being totally serious and honest, so please help me if you can. So I'm a 22-yo boy, about to graduate from university with a degree in English Language and Literature and I do need a job. There are a bunch of problems though. First, I'm very introverted and shy and get anxious...
  3. freddiefreakery

    Help starting to work out?

    I wasn’t sure where to post this, but I figured here would be okay. I just really need help becoming healthy again, and I need to start working out. I had my first really bad schizophrenic break last winter which forced me to become very sedentary as I couldn’t bear leaving the house. I also had...
  4. P

    do not watch

    Whatever you do if you are easily triggered don’t watch BBC threes dcoudrama “killed by my debt”. I’m not easily triggered but watching that definitely triggered something in me this week. Just warning you guys
  5. N

    More Call for Staff To Be Trained - Funding - over the next few years

    HI all, I hear in the news this week, today, that there are to be more calls for new staff to be trained up to help those, with mental health issues, and that there will be funding to be placed to help them acheive that. Well, I wish this service could have been implented, when I was a client...
  6. F

    Autism's drug problem

    Written by Lauren Gravitz Autism's Drug Problem - Scientific American I wonder how many adults with ASD are also on a cocktail of medications. It is no doubt even worse with children.
  7. T

    Can anyone relate to this

    And tell me what it means to them. I have been, am, feeling like I'm two halves of a person. One half is just normal, can be silly, just the regular kind of me I guess. But the other half wants to totally fuck up the first half. I feel like I could be a condemned man dancing and joking his...
  8. Fairy Lucretia

    getting upset (very) easily xx

    so maddie has fleas again and i feel suicidal ,im starting to get stressed about treating her for them as shes not due yet ,and im stressed about having to vacuum the entire house and change the sheets i just have no energy a few weeks ago i had a leak and you would have thought the world had...
  9. E

    I lie easily often and for no reason

    Looking for advice on if this is an problem or not I lie easily often and without any remorse or qualms. I do it to avoid awkward situations or situations that have the potential to maybe possibly cause me problems. I lie in almost every story I tell about stupid little details that don't even...
  10. Prettyasapeach

    Ptsd and Gad

    Hello I am 43 years old and I was told that I am clinically depressed i also suffer with gad. I have become a hermit. I hate being in large crowds and sweat profusely when someone is standing close to me or behind me. I am easily aggitated. My doctor prescribed buspar but I don't think it's...
  11. O

    Names's Omac

    I actually know a website that uses the same format at this one so I somewhat know what I'm doing. Anyway, I'm Omac and I'm new to this website. I'm still figuring things out so if I make any mistakes, please let me know. Okay... I was just diagnosed with Schizoaffective which is like a...
  12. N

    The person that destroyed my life is miving an amazing life

    That makes me so ****ing angry. I could easily kill him.
  13. dubblemonkey

    I love the lovable and the easily adorable

    james and everyone else
  14. Catastrophe

    My first work-focused interview is soon :/

    I'm now in the work-related activity group of E.S.A. I have a work-focused interview in two weeks. I'm kind of nervous. I genuinely cannot work right now because of my anxiety. I also get tired really easily due to my ehlers-danlos syndrome. The whole idea behind these interviews are stupid >.>...
  15. amathus

    People who self harm can stop easily if they want to

    People who self harm can stop easily if they want to Have you tried to stop self harming...why? What kind of strategies have you used? amathus.
  16. H

    Is she suffering from a Personality Disorder?

    Hi there... I'm just curious about my classmate/friend situation. Since it seems to me that she was not acting normal. What makes me think she has a problem is because of the following: - secretive and rarely open up/ lack of trust to others - very conscious on what others think about her...
  17. Maya J

    Want myself and my identity back

    I've just got out of a 1 year relationship that has left me drained and made me lose touch a little with who I am, who I was. This person wanted a lot of my time, was intense and stopped me often from doing my own things. This was really stifling and suffocating. We were both quite dependent...
  18. N

    BPD and staying in work

    I've recently got a new job after being unemployed for a while (on disability for depression) and then starting and quitting university. I enjoy my job, and the people I work for are great, but ive never been able to stay in work or education long term without difficulty. I've taken today off...
  19. P

    nervous and panicking

    I'm kind of nervous and panicking a bit now. I've been referred to weigh4ward programme through my doctors to help with my weight. Tomorrow is my first group session. Although its only 4 or 5 of us I'm kind of mega scared to go now and could easily cancel it. I really know I have to go and do it...
  20. A

    Do you carry a knife?

    A question I was asked recently. I don't now but once I had fear so extreme and negative thoughts of the outside world that of course it was only to protect myself from a threat that in a far distant reality was'nt there. it's easily to think I could slip back into that state of being.