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  1. T

    Best wishes for 2019

    :goodluck: :peace: :):clap::cheers: What are your resolutions going to be? Mine are 1. Survive 2019 2. Diet and exercise 3. Stay away from the doctor and pretend i am normal and well (as no assessments until 2020) :clap::clap::clap::clap: 4. Think seriously about work/possible things i could...
  2. A

    earning up to £20 a week whilst on ESA...

    I was wondering if I could work 1 and a half hours per week and earn 12 pounds every week for as long as I am on esa. I read in the rules of esa that you can work and earn up to £20 a week for an unlimited period of time whilst you're on the benefit. Does anyone know? I been offered a Friday...
  3. B

    ESA Support Grou and work (what they don't tell you)

    You can, whilst staying in support group (not wrag) earn £99 something per week indefinitely. The website advertises that this is WRAG only, and that we can only earn £20, but not true. They just sent me a form about permitted work (not supported either!). It says that. You just need to ask...
  4. L

    Eating out, coffees with your client

    Hi everyone Is it right to be expected to take a client out for a meal or the pictures (their choice) and have to pay for yourself. My thoughts on this is I go to work to earn not to spend. Not sure how I should feel about this! The company I'm working for keeps changing the rules.
  5. T


    Wash it up, put it away, use it. Wash it up, put it away, use it. Wash it up put it away use it. Go to work, earn money, spend it. Go to work, earn money, spend it. Go to work, earn money, spend it. Wake up, survive, go to sleep. Wake up, survive, go to sleep. Grow old, fall apart, die. Can...
  6. bert tomato

    Conditional Friends..

    Lose weight. Earn more. Agree with me. Then you can be my friend. Its not just me is it?
  7. M


    Could someone please tell me how much your partner can earn if you want to claim this Thank you
  8. B

    everybody hates me

    Everyone hates me, they always have. People keep talking about me. I'm different but don't know why. They say they are trying to sabotage me at work because i earn more than them. I never asked to earn wot i do it was the director that offered me the job.... i can't win - the directors think I'm...
  9. M

    esa questions

    Few questions so thanks for answering. Could you only get esa if you would meet the criteria for jobseekers allowance but cant work? Do they take partners income into account? If they do what must your partner earn under to be able to claim it?
  10. M


    i still live at home and parents keep saying they want me out but can not afford to move out as i dont earn enough.:(:(:(:(