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  1. N

    What was going on with these guys?

    I have a current concern about someone I know in the workplace, which ties into an earlier experience with someone from 12-15 years ago. They are different in the one several years ago was a short tempered hot head who was always threatening to beat people up, bragging how many hookers he'd...
  2. valleygirl

    A kid I used to babysit died of a drug overdose last week

    She wasn't a kid anymore. She was adopted, and was born with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. I knew she was homeless and an addict, but it still comes as such a shock. I just got a text from my mom that they went to her funeral this afternoon. Kinda wish I'd known earlier so I could have...
  3. Fairy Lucretia

    sorry me again-long story

    some of you are aware my sister had a breakdown last year-she is still very unwell and in supported housing she phoned me earlier to say she wants to come back to me because she is scared her support worker will make her go in a taxi and she will be arrested she stayed with me 3 months...
  4. Fairy Lucretia

    something weird x

    for so long i have seen myself as vile ,disgusting ,ugly a monster and everyone keeps telling me no you are not you are fine you are normal you are human well i let my aunt take a photo of me to send to my dad and i sent one to my sister and a friend and they said i looked really pretty why do...
  5. N

    Re-arranging Time of Dose - Abilify

    Hi Folks, With the holiday in a matter of 13 weeks, now, I am re - arranging via self, when I take my doses. This is due to and most likely, if we're out during earlier afternoons part, say around 12 and 2/3pm, local time, for lunch, and any odd bit of shopping, by planning to take at a...
  6. N

    Bad Weather/Sinussituses/Leg Problems/Medication = Irribility, Severe

    HI Folks, I have become irritible this morning. Possibly due to mainly dry skin condiiton, or because also, feeling low and rotten weather wise; had a bout of very painful sinusistuses yesterday earlier in the afternoon - and leg pain problems, the leg is very much easier now, and also...
  7. Mr.NiceGuy

    I'm done, if you can listen to me word for word in thought then I'll do it back to you for a while

    I'm done, if you can listen to me word for word in thought then I'll do it back to you for a while elastic may amplify silence better then paper or plastic which are commonly used as diaphragms. paper and plastic are weaker then elastic at catching soft sounds and may be heavily distorted when...
  8. N

    Paranoia - Very Bad Night Lack of Sleep - Overnight

    HI all, It's suddenly occurred to me, that, how I was disturbed overnighter just gone, this afternoon, after I was back home with parents following on from a meal out, paranoia! That was and mainly external factors, venturing through indirectly, well I am sensitive, or very sensitive, were...
  9. M

    Reoccurring deja vu

    Does anyone experience something similar to this? The voices I hear usually sound muffled or like I can only hear certain words or phrases. Many times I will hear a phrase or a piece of a sentence and then a few minutes later or sometimes later in the day I will come across that. What I mean is...
  10. T

    Mandatory reconsideration timescale?

    I had a letter today acknowledging receipt of my letter asking for my son's DLA claim to be looked at again. It says the reconsideration can take up to 11 weeks. Has anyone here gone through this process and knows what an earlier timescale might be? Obviously 11 weeks is the longest.
  11. confusedwanderwaffle

    it's about what my GP said and me being declined therapy?

    This is a repost from like 10 hours ago because I didn't seem to get much help before and also don't think I made it quite clear on the situation. I'll just keep it shortish: My life for almost the last decade now has been a disaster and I feel like I can't move on/get anywhere and for ages...
  12. D

    Should I commit myself?

    Recently I've had a string of very bad experiences. My life has never been what I would call enjoyable - growing up in violent poverty, my friends dying or abandoning me, my family has all but shunned me - but recent events have pushed me past my limits. My mother, grandpa, uncle, and sister...
  13. Heart_moon

    Getting Financial Help, maybe ?

    Hi All, My daughter had psychotic symptoms the same time as me- spring 2006 i was 38yrs , she was 14 yrs. i was later diagnosed with Bi-polar. My daughter was diagnosed with severe depression, she also began self harming. A few years ago, she was then re-diagnosed with social anxiety. She...
  14. L

    Triggering/Lengthening Hypomania

    Have had a wonderful 6 days of little sleep, huge activity boost and today I feel much calmer. However, I know that I can't drift backwards again so I'm trying to lengthen the episode. Some people reckon it's possible, some don't. What do you think? I'm only sleeping 3/4 hours a night but I'm...
  15. K

    There's too much crap going on in my head

    I can't seem to meditate very well. It's starting to help me relax slightly but that's pretty much it. I've been listening to a lot of guided meditations on youtube and I've been doing this for about 2-3 months. I listen to about 3 a week. My mind wonders too much. I think about crap. I will...
  16. K

    My New Website -- http://www.killswitchon.com/

    killswitchon | A Poetic Pariah I bought the domain name earlier this year and have finally posted a lot of my poetry and writing. I hope to keep it updated at least once a week. This is merely the skeleton -- when I have more time I'll make it into a full blown site with video and audio and the...
  17. messymoo

    Mood Swings

    I am all over the place. My moods are so unstable. I don't know what to do. I've also been feeling very anxious and having panic attacks. I am also tearful a lot over the slightest thing. Earlier I was raging and could of quite easily smashed my house up but thanks to a very good friend who...
  18. M

    It's been a long while

    Hi there I haven't been on here for ages but that doesn't mean all is well in my wobbly wobbly world. I have had several bad experiences in the past twelve months which to be honest have left me traumatised and with trust issues. I finally left my job after been put on four days, redundancy...
  19. valleygirl

    No Motivation

    Still feeling really depressed since getting out of the hospital a few weeks ago. I have no motivation to do anything - cook, clean, shower, do homework. Yesterday I didn't shower before going to see my spiritual director, and I didn't even wash my face. I just have the hardest time getting...
  20. V

    Agoraphobia due to being in pain

    Hello I'm a 25 year old female and Im just wondering if anyone else on here has been In a similar situation to me and can relate....To cut a long story short over 2 years ago now I started to get random pelvic pain, which was progressively getting worse and worse. Medication made me feel sick...