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  1. ArcherX

    Ear Cleaning psychosis

    Hello just registered here. I'm been living with psychosis for about 3 years. I didn't get treatment until about 6 months ago when my symptoms got much worse. I mostly suffer from negative symptoms. I'm not really sure how to put this. My experience with psychosis started after I got an ear...
  2. X

    How to sleep well

    I have suffered GAD and other disorders for almost 5 years without noticing it. For over a month now it's getting worse than ever. I kept worrying about something in my ear (cause i had experienced before and i kept hearing noises in my ear) which make my sleeping's even worse. I usually lie in...
  3. K

    Hypochondriac? Health anxiety?

    I was diagnosed with GAD and depression back in February. I was prescribed Zoloft which cause panic attacks(probably my fault for obsessively researching the medication and side effects) since feb I have been prescribed 5 different antidepressants to try, like 3 different sleep meds and 2...
  4. Prairie Sky

    Ear piercing for migraines?

    Yesterday I had an appointment with my therapist. I mentioned that since lowering the dose of Depakote my migraines have become worse, and using Advil to control them is a two-edged sword. She told me about something she heard of from a client: piercing a certain part of your ear (not the...
  5. Kerome

    Getting old

    I just found a grey hair growing out of my ear! It’s the beginning of the end.
  6. Mr.NiceGuy

    Waking up to a whistling in the ear just Rapid Eye Movement carrying on for a second

    Waking up to a whistling in the ear just Rapid Eye Movement carrying on for a second So I've noticed when sitting in the silence listening for a ringing in my ear, that I can cause changes in the ringing by moving my eyes around. Could the whistling heard in the ear by many sometimes after you...
  7. Mr.NiceGuy

    More Theory On the Vestibular and Voices

    So I ve posted about a number of theory's involving replicating the vestibular sensory organ as a communciation source of voices. I tried using the voluntary voice creating technique and the ear whistling into several microphones including elastic and playing the amplified silence in a vacuum to...
  8. S

    The Ear and Schizophrenia

    After several tests on the ear, the attachment between the two regions in the ear as shown in the picture gives remarkable results in the treatment of schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety and phobias.
  9. Mr.NiceGuy

    recording the inner ear to control voices

    One technique I developed while working on the science at https://www.mentalhealthforum.net/forum/thread142952.html while I was attempting voluntary tinnitus the voices would get really angry and yell at me to stop. By recording the inner ear while I made the whistling noise I was able to...
  10. Mr.NiceGuy

    Communications with ear whistling

    I have created a series of experiments that I want people to try. I have successfully recorded voluntary short tones of whistling in the ears that can be played back over and over again using a earpiece headphone as a microphone, a small digital recorder, and recording program Audacity. I am...
  11. T

    Surgery tomorrow, panicking badly, could this be the end for me?

    I have to have surgery on my ears for the third time. I feel like this time it's more of a complicated operation. I can't tell if my ears are too far from my head or not, and if they get put too close my skull will look ridiculously narrow for life, as my head is quite narrow. It's literally a...
  12. deadchick07

    hearing things

    i keep hearing my phone ring, despite me having put it on silent and nobody is ringing me. Its driving me bonkers, but its only in one ear, sounds like its coming from behind me. its exhausting me and its making me really anxious
  13. GoghTardis

    Hearing white noise, like a lawn mower all of the time!

    So I have been hearing what sounds like a lawn mower outside or a plane maybe for several weeks. I hear it inside louder than outside mostly because it is quiet I guess. But I hear this sound every where. I have no ear pain and my ears are clean. My pdoc says it is my anxiety causing it and...
  14. A

    ear infection

    I woke up at about five am this morning with itchiness in my ear and it closing up over and over again and my hearing dulled. I rang NHS 111 and in the end, after going through lots of questions, the man at the end of the phone line told me to go to a local pharmacy at 8am this morning for...
  15. Fairy Lucretia


    was just about to go to bed and Winston came through the cat flap his ear was bleeding and he was shook up a bit I think a fox might have attacked him ive bathed his ear and cuddled him I don't think he needs the vets im scared the thought a human might have done it but mum said no foxs are...
  16. P

    I'm back.

    Hi all I'm back! Sorry I been away so long, but I hit hypomania these past few weeks and ended up at the hospital twice - I've now finally been diagnosed with BP :( I've immediately been stuck on 250mg twice a day of depakote and 400mg Quetiapine XL and last night was the first time I had...
  17. F

    Fly in my brain

    There was a fly which was flying about in my bedroom, i got the thought that the fly would go in my ear and lay babies near my brain. Ever since that thought i've been hearing fly buzzing noises when there arn't any flys around and think maybe it did go in my ear. The noises are really loud near...
  18. H

    Can anxiety cause dizzy spells and weakness?

    Hi guys! For the last week or so I've been having these symptoms; feeling very weak and shaky in general and dizzy spells that last a couple of hours a day (and usually at the same time each day). I've also have an ear infection- could the two be linked? Can anxiety cause a prolonged bout of...
  19. H

    noises/angry voice in my ear

    Last night when I was in bed my head suddenly filled up with noise, like I was in a busy mall or something. It got louder and louder then stopped abruptly when I heard "HANNAH!" in an angry sounding, loud , rasping stage whisper, right in my face/right ear, as if they were stood beside the bed...
  20. S

    *waves* hi everyone

    Hello, my name is Jen. I was diagnosed as being bi polar a year ago. no-one knows apart from a few people (close friends and family) as I feel slightly ashamed(!) I'm 22, I live in the South East. I'm not having a good experience with the NHS or my meds, so I'm just looking for a friendly ear...