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  1. NicoretteGummed

    Anxiety Due To HPPD (Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder)

    I urge anybody who has been severely affected by hallucinogens to read about HPPD. It may give you hope as it's pioneer-Dr.Henry Abraham believes it can only be truly relieved by Clonazepam which is the least addictive strong Benzodiazipine. Loads of Old Schooler Shrinks are opposing it's...
  2. L

    Whats so bad about dying?

    I feel like dying. What's so bad about it. :confused:
  3. U

    I don’t feel like I deserve to say I ‘have PTSD’

    On the 13th November 2015, the Bataclan, and various other parts of Paris were attacked by terrorists. My wife is French, from Paris, knows the area well, and has an ex-boyfriend who was wounded in the attacks, and ended up in a coma. We both have a history of drug use, and as a result of what...
  4. A

    Anxiety cycle, fear of dying.

    I wanted to get some advice from other people that might have been in my situation or close to it. (sorry for the long post in advance) So I started having panic attacks last year around may or june 2017. I try to think I'm a strong person, but this time in my life was a huge test for me. A...
  5. J

    Is this normal? So scared :(

    Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well. I’m Jordan, I’m 26 and this is the first time I’ve felt brave enough to actually post my own thread as opposed to reading through previous posts for reassurance! I’m hoping you can all help me, I have suffered with severe health anxiety and panic attacks my...
  6. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Theory on shadow people origins

    Have you ever thought that maybe the shadow people that lurk around the corners is actually you looking back on your life? The idea being that you're already dead and have moved to a place where time travel (if it could be called that) enables you to revisit past events. This makes me think that...
  7. J

    Chronically ill, miss my old life when I was healthy

    Hello. Recently I was diagnosed with a chronic illness that leaves me in pain, emotionally imbalanced and with insomnia - at only 38 too! I also had a year from hell with a ton of trauma, including 3 surgeries, which has given me PTSD. I use to be a happy go lucky/ active person, so this is a...
  8. J

    Chronically ill, feel disassociated from the rest of the world

    Hello. Im not sure Im in the right thread or not, but recently I was diagnosed with a chronic illness that leaves me in pain, emotionally imbalanced and with insomnia. I also had a year from hell with a ton of trauma, including 3 surgeries. I use to be a happy go lucky/ active person, so this...
  9. Fairy Lucretia

    my aunt rushed to hospital

    we were at the health centre and i was having a blood test ,she suddenly got pain in her neck and side they think she might have had a heart attack or a stroke im dying i can't live without her she has looked after me since mummy died i would have to go into supported housing and give maddie...
  10. K

    Everyone around me is dying

    I live in constant fear that everyone around me is dead. My parents, my boyfriend, my friends. There is this switch inside my head that goes “oh what if your mom is dead how would someone tell you” or if my boyfriend is taking a while to answer my text message my brain just goes to oh he’s dead...
  11. Poopy Doll

    Bf's best friend is dying

    My boyfriends best friend is dying. He's stage 4 cancer in the lungs, which spread to the liver. For some reason they are giving him chemotherapy. He was my bf's sponsor in AA thirty years ago. So I automatically respected him when I met him. There's nothing one can do to help.
  12. S

    Scared of dying

    This may sound stupid but I am now scared of dying, at one time I wanted to die but now the thought of it scares me. I have 4 kids and the thought of leaving them terrifies me, especially my youngest daughter who has so many problems and she relies on me so much. I remember everyday for about 2...
  13. Poopy Doll

    mortgage raised, refrigerator dying, category 5 hurricane, need a dentist and no money

    mortgage raised, refrigerator dying, category 5 hurricane, need a dentist and no money It's too many things. I can't hardly eat. The bank sold our mortgage to another bank and they raised it from $882 to $1100. The refrigerator is dying and we can't afford a new one, so would have to shop for a...
  14. M

    Can't stop thinking about dying

    I can't get the thought of myself dying out of my head. I'm not having suicidal thoughts but I always think of myself dying in whatever situation I'm in, for example, if I'm driving on the highway I picture myself crashing and dying all the way through to my own funeral. I've been thinking about...
  15. N

    I need some advice for a complex issue

    Hi there, my issues started over 10 years ago or so where I started obsessing over dying, the fear of dying that is. This has caused me great stress throughout my 20's and gradually got worse. Spending most nights trying to sleep but thoughts of dying, how I will die, what happens after, people...
  16. L

    My voices inside my head.

    I am getting scared. Of bad thoughts. I am getting tired of this voices and my anxiety and depression just want to die. Getting tired of faking my smiles. Getting tired of acting like there is nothing wrong with me. while deep inside I am dying. Tired of my medication that don't help. Really...
  17. S

    Hi all/ i want my life back :)

    Hi everyone I decided to join today as I am a staff member on a mental health ward and I am coming to terms in admitting that I myself have a problem. I can remember feeling extremely low in mood since the age of 12, even have fleeting morbid thoughts about dying. I am now 25 and this is...
  18. mami5

    Help? I'm really struggling

    Don't feel I can take much more. The pain is unbearable. I hate BPD so much but I hate me more. Can't stop thinking of dying. Everyone would be better off without me. I am a bad person. I don't deserve to live.
  19. valleygirl

    I Got The Job

    I should be more excited, but I'm not, and I don't know why. Maybe it's just all the stress that my family is going through with my brother-in-law in the process of dying of cancer.
  20. T

    Im lost and confused

    Ive been diagnosed bpd for about a year now. Ive tried to ignore it, ive tried to see a counselor, ive tried to control it on my own! However im losing the battle! It feels like everyone around me is goinf away from me wvwn the woman i love and i dont know what to do! I feel so alone and scared...