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  1. A

    The Law, Acts of Parliament and The ones who ignore them.

    I have come to this forum to find other individuals who are in the same situation to support and be supported to stop accepting the system that does not accept us. We are individuals not numbers or letters or conditions or even our medications.
  2. Tired Daisy

    Very worried DWP

    I got a phone call early this morning but I was asleep when they called, the number was withheld. I'm very worried now that this could have been the DWP. Just before Christmas I was getting harassed by a couple people wanting me to pretend that one of them was my support worker so they could...
  3. Artmuzz

    ESA not paid in bank

    I have been on ESA support since 2015 and this is the first time that I’ve checked my bank and my ESA hasn’t been paid in which has got me worried and giving me panic attacks as I suffer from severe anxiety and panic disorder. I usually get paid every fortnight. The strange thing is that the...
  4. W

    DWP waste more money.

    I apologise if this is not what this forum is for, so if it removed I wholly understand, but I have just read an article which reports that the DWP are throwing over £200000 at funding a survey to find out if the government's austerity is to blame for the increased use of foodbanks. What are...
  5. W

    Warning!! DWP Mail to Wolverhampton address!

    I have been sent an ESA50 Limited Capability for Work Questionnaire. I was placed in the Support Group in 2017 and it seems they want to review it. So I have completed the ESA50 returned it. They asked I return it by 1 August 2018. So I sent it Signed For 1st Class on 25 June 2018. Today, 31...
  6. S

    PIP tribunal success but DWP aren't paying Discrimination!

    I'm receiving standard rate mobility. But i was awarded 12 points by the tribunal for the mobility component of PIP. The dwp haven't responded to my email and I cant get through on my mobile. What can I do ? Ive definitely been descriminated against.
  7. yellows

    Phone call dwp

    I just had a phone call from DWP saying I am no longer entitled to ESA no more after being in the support group since changing over from income support he said my money stops from today. I am in total shock and not sure what to do how am I going to live and pay the bills??. Please can someone...
  8. B

    DWP Has No Record Of My ESA Assessment

    Has anybody had a similar experience? In short I've been receiving ESA assessment rate from July 2015 Its my first time claiming ESA and had been previously receiving JSA A friend spotted that I should be "ESA Main Phase" so I contacted DWP I attended the Work Capability Assessment with a...
  9. B

    Pip, dwp, capita

    Surely I’m not alone with Capita lying regarding my assessment? Also even the DWP have lied too. They seem to work very well together.
  10. N

    Surprise Happier News - not so d readed brown envelope anymore!

    Hi Folks, I had a surprise today, via the post, from DWP, and I am feeling happier, that for the current year and onwards, I shall be on PIP, and, I have a slight increase. So I am feeling happier on that note. It was always a certain for a rate of DLA, figure of month, now, I'll be...
  11. F

    Pip claim...more information

    Hello all, I'm brand new on here and truly thankful for any help or advice! I sent off my PIP form last week, moving from DLA to pip, and today received a letter telling me "one of our health professionals has looked at the information you sent to DWP. We're writing to let you know that we've...
  12. G

    Scared of Brown envelopes.

    This may seem stupid, but I am afraid of brown envelopes from the DWP being in my letterbox. If they are there I panic and have to get my Support worker to open them. I don’t like living in this amount of fear. Feels like being attacked and punished for being mentally ill, like it is a choice I...
  13. F

    Make Autistic Spectrum Disorder widely known about within the DWP Assessments.

    Make Autistic Spectrum Disorder widely known about within the DWP Assessments. Make Autistic Spectrum Disorder widely known about within the DWP Assessments. - Petitions
  14. C

    getting rid of diagnoses , uk research

    Hello, I have been reading some of recovery in the bins twitter and there seems to be a lot of discussion about a new piece of research that proposes getting rid of diagnoses of mental illness and instead talking about peoples distress and problems in "formulation", which from what i can gather...
  15. E

    I won my appeal against the DWP

    In June last year the DWP decided that I was not entitled to ESA, I appealed, earlier this week the tribunal found in my favour, I *think* I'm in the support group (I'd previously been in the WRAG although I have in the past been in the support group) but the decision notice is rather ambiguous...
  16. C

    Need help with compliance interview esa

    So basically yesterday I had a compliance interview had to be done over the phone as I am agorophobic and couldn’t go in for the interview she started of asking me the normal questions then it came to the do you work at all and I said no because I don’t she then started listing company’s one was...
  17. E

    The DWP are making my dog ill

    Dogs pick up on their owners' distress, as a result of the distress I'm in caused by the DWP my dog has become poorly & I'm having to go backwards & forwards to the vets, worrying about him is making me worse.
  18. E

    Copy of email I sent to my MP

    The Centre for Disability Assessments wrote to my GP to ask about my fitness for work, my GP sent them a confidential report by a psychologist, the Centre for Disability Assessments passed the report on to the DWP, the DWP then passed it on to HM Courts & Tribunals Service; at no point was my...
  19. shaky

    PTSD about DWP

    I now have a kind of PTSD (I don't know if this is possible, it's not a diagnosis, just a feeling) Whenever I come into contact with someone to do with the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) or the Job Centre I lose control emotionally, my heartbeat races, my breathing quickens, I get very...
  20. L

    I'm convinced I'm being watched by dwp

    Default DWP spy's Hi can someone pls help ? I've been trying to talk myself out of the fact I'm convinced I'm being watched by dwp , I don't go out much anyway -due to anxiety and this feeling of being watched I walked to the local shop a very rare thing for me and they was a man parked up and...