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  1. Funnyday

    CMHT and my driving license

    I applied for a driving license with DVLA back at the beginning of October. After the CMHT changed the psychiatrist 3 times on me. At last I got to see a Shrink. After asking me a few questions. She turned round and said that she has a long form to fill out. She said that in the end it is down...
  2. Funnyday

    Car insurance

    I'm sure that others have had this problem in the past. I am waiting on getting my driving license back from DVLA. So I rang them today nearly 4 weeks since I first contacted them. They said that they had only yesterday sent the letter off to my Doctor. However, I can still drive my car while I...
  3. Funnyday

    After how long do you get your license back?

    I was originally told back in March that it would be a year before I would be driving again. However I started on Clozapine in August. I thought that it was after being on medication for three months that you can ask for your driving license back from dvla. Thats what has happened in the past...
  4. J

    What happens

    I was diagnosed bipolar2 5yrs ogo though suffered most of my life but realised i should have told dvla what will happen if i now tell them ? Will i loose my license
  5. T

    What happens when you tell DVLA about mental health condition?

    I was reading on the NHS website (on the psychotic depression page) that it is your legal obligation to tell the DVLA if your are diagnosed with psychotic depression. Do doctors just go ahead and tell the DVLA if they think you are not safe to drive? What happens when you tell them?
  6. I

    Declaring my Bipolar to the DVLA

    I've been told by my psychiatrist that I need to declare my Bipolar to the DVLA, not been told this before and have not declared it in the last 10 years since diagnosed. Has anyone any experience of this?
  7. K

    Schizophrenia and DVLA

    I could do with some help I have had schizophrenia for about 4 years now and I am prescribed olanzapine 20mg which keeps it under control haven't had any episodes for over a year. I have filled in the DVLA medical questionnaire but not heard anything back has anyone else been in the same...
  8. H

    Question for those who informed the DVLA of bipolar condition

    How had your (mental) health been for the last 12 months, and what was the outcome? I've been pretty stable for the last 12 months, have no sleepiness from my medication, BUT I had a 2 night hospital admission this summer. My pdoc is completely supportive of me keeping my license. As the DVLA...
  9. daffy

    Do I need to tell DVLA of schitzoaffective disorder?

    A few weeks ago my car was in a minor accident. Not my fault and the other driver accepted responsibility. However for some strange reason my insurance company keep coming back with more and more questions about my health and if i had anything that the DVLA needed to be informed of. I had...
  10. L


    just a quick question ive just read that i need to inform the dvla of my bipolar?! will they stop me driving !! thanks?
  11. W

    Advice appreciated with DVLA

    Hi, I will keep it brief as poss and stick to bare facts but I could do with some advice on how to approach this as I am afraid that I will lose my licence. I had a breakdown in late 2002 I also lost my voice probably due to this, I also experienced hearing voices and I was given an assessment...
  12. KP1

    Passed medical requirement of DVLA for recurrent depression.

    Finally after several months of worrying the DVLA have written to me and said I meet the medical requirements for safe driving but I have to let them know if my condition worsens or a doctor says Im not to drive.I feel relieved but angry as its taken so long.As I have recurrent depression I'm...
  13. ~minnie~

    Dvla.....any information will help please

    I went to see the psychiatrist yesterday and she reviewed my meds and asked about my driving. She asked me to inform DVLA about my diagnosis and that I am on two anti-psychotics. I rang DVLA this morning and they are sending a medical form in the post to me. My question is has anybody else...
  14. Lozzi_1004

    Surrendering Driving Licence

    I rang the DVLA today to tell them about being diagnosed and being put on 600mg of lithium. The lady on the phone started saying I needed to fill out a D100(?) form and then suddenly asked what I'd been diagnosed with and if I was on medication... so I told her and said I'm not starting my meds...
  15. S

    Worried about losing drivers licence

    My consultant told me I must inform DVLA about my schizophrenia.I did a few months ago.Now he wants to see me to answer questions.Apparently DVLA have been in touch with him. I'm worried I'm about to lose my licence.I need a car as both my job and my partners job are too far to bike or bus.I'm...