1. G

    Tough time?

    If your going through depression , or hell how about thinking outside the box and look at the bigger picture you are a tiny soul (ball of energy) in this complex universe technically all you are is dust in the wind...... Kansas - Dust in the wind (Lyrics) - YouTube Thinking like this has...
  2. K

    hypocrites aside, i like your two faces--an original

    *Dedicated to a very special woman.* a vacuum of self suffering an abyss of wanderers blow me a death smeared kiss a facade of fake smiles and hapless tears beneath my pale existence looms a fear so profound from dust i came to dust i return owning a new found determination to decide a...
  3. CountTheCracks


    I need sleepy dust
  4. M


    Do you still have some sleepy dust
  5. M


    Thought id start a new discussion if anyone is interested on HOUSEWORK. You can talk about dusting,hoovering,washing,washing up etc, wether you love it or hate it, the problems you encounter etc. You can evan share hints n tips. Ill start with my houswork; I cant stand it if i dont do it...
  6. mrlaurel

    have you played nice today?

    so hows everyone tonight? I hope today has been trouble free on here, I see another thread I started hit the dust :( Now I am getting paranoid again.... anyway, hope you have had an ok day. stan