1. GreatMilenko


    Hey there, Not sure what to say. Not usually the kind of person who goes on forums or even searches for advice from others. I've been suffering with mental issues for a few years now and not got any help. Looking to change that soon and hopefully get my life in order. Guess I'm hoping to find...
  2. F

    i dunno, 'yikes' an ok title?

    i literally searched 'i'm feeling sad tonight' and clicked on one of hyperlinks that took me to a thread, i hope i can find it again, i didn't read all of it but it made me think i could maybe do this. i turned my ability to cry off a long time ago and now i heave and clench/kinda choke but...
  3. B

    I require a diagnosis for someone else

    Hi. When i was 18 years old my friend and aye decided we wanted to go out for a drink and to get the money my friend decided he was going to sell his gold watch, so we set about finding someone to sell the gold watch to, and then while walking up to a local pub we knew some guy with red hair...
  4. C

    alone at xmas?

    hi all. so again i'll be sat alone over xmas. don't pity me...it's usual. mother ignoring my texts & calls. i'm used to it. others worse off than me. hm. dunno wot to say!
  5. S


    I've been lost in my head lately. I was diagnosed with Bipolar like 10 years ago..but then they said i am borderline also. Now i seem to be hearing music sometimes..and doc said that is part of mania..but i dunno. I have paranoid thoughts...disoriented thinking..im like so tired of myself i...
  6. loulabelle

    Crisis team

    Im now under the care of the crisis team since yesterday, my pdoc wouldnt let me leave until she spoke to them and arranged for them to see me a few hours later. Apparently its ok to have suicudal thoughts but when you plans its not ok i wouldnt tell her when where or how she dosent need to...
  7. nativesky

    I miss the "highs"

    Everything has been either normal..or below, and im missing the "high" part of my bipolar. I feel like ive become boring..just blah. I dunno. :( I need some excitement or something. I feel I need to stir it up a bit..but how? Ugh!!!!
  8. loulabelle

    cleaning up the mess

    Im trying to clean up the mess after my latest episode the trouble is ive had about 4 days to do this and now im feeling ill again.. after my most recent episide i got into a 'relationship' i had alot of unprotected sex and this time didnt manage to escape without any damage being done, i...
  9. nativesky

    Leave me alone!!!!

    My family is getting on my nerves!!! 2 teenagers that think they can do whatever the hell they want...and when I have to ground them, they think my bipoar is the reason..and not tje fact that they did something wrong. My twins that are 7...have a cognitive delay and dont understand why they...
  10. nativesky


    I think I may have to get drunk today. My head is a mess. Im tired..just tired. Im fighting with myself.about what I dunno. Something just not right. Im lost. Im tired of feeling this way. I just want to be happy again...:(
  11. loulabelle

    stuck in a ruck

    Stuck in a black hole... dunno if i want to climb out i dunno if i can I dont want to be alive any more I cancelled my plans today, mums just left how do you tell a parent that you want to die...
  12. J


    hi ,told about this site by someone from another site i go on - i have just been diagnosed with adhd (which i had sussed i had anyway) and bipolar 2 which i wasn't expecting and feel a bit weird about - dunno why as have suffered deep depressions for years so dont know why now having a title for...
  13. D

    unsure 'bout taking new med

    Okay, it's chlorpromazine. Cpn told me common side effects but worried bout taking it an dunno if will, dunno if worth it. What's people's experience of this drug? Im on it think to help with s/h, anger an anxiety, dont think bout general mood. Thanks.
  14. H0llie

    What the hell is going on with me

    :panic: Ok, I am new here and apprehensive about making a post. But - Here goes! (I will try to keep it as brief as possible as I don't wanna bore anyone) Basically, I feel like dire sh*t! I have no energy, I keep having "forgetful" moments, only for a few seconds but it really flusters me. I...
  15. mygirl1uk

    Just dunno anymore.

    I really dunno what to do, I get paid I try and pay bills, never manage them all, never enough left to buy food. And now I have bloody bedroom tax to pay. I've just had enough, hate everything in my life. I have nothing other than poxy bills. Just had all I can take. Life is worthless.
  16. Mister.B

    They're escaping

    Words are constantly escaping from my mouth and I have ticks, but it's not Tourettes. It's like sub-concious, I'm not like "I definitely don't wanna say this..." it just comes out. It's him and maybe some others, I dunno. It's like a whisper/hiss. It's been happening all day today. I might...
  17. loulabelle

    i am a yo yo

    i am a yoyo a yoyo i am happy i am sad i am fine i am happy i am sad i am ok i am happy i am sad i am fine i am happy i am sad i am ok soooo when do i check myself into the loony bin anyone wanna answer that cuz i dunno i really dont kno any more... whats real whats not...i actually feel...
  18. mygirl1uk

    Not a great place

    I'm not feeling good, extreamily stressed and serverly angry. Feel so crap I just wanna end it all. I'm having really bad thoughts, have no energy for anything. Just dunno what to do.
  19. loulabelle

    irritable again

    i am so irritable i had to go food shopping this evening and it was so busy i wanted to grab a few ppl by the neck kill them then hide them under the frozen friggin turkeys HUMPH ....... ive been a snappy grumpy bitch alll day i dunno what mood im in i dunno if im coming of going anyone.care to...
  20. loulabelle

    danger to myself and probably others

    Stuff is happening to me im thinging of ways to halm myself ive be sh again... and im havung foughts if halming someone im imaging hurting them seriously.... I dunno what to do the sh isnt serious atm and im still functioning just Dunno were my head is at