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  1. S

    Bipolar and Relationships

    Good Day everyone. I was diagnosed 13 years ago today with Bipolar I and II or as the doctor called Mixed. I was 20 and now 33. My symptoms were extreme. I was hospitalized for a year due to the extreme symptoms I had. For the first little while, the meds had very little effect on me. The dosage...
  2. vanish

    Feeling increasingly agitated/not right in the head

    Summer. I hate Summer! The heat feels like my brain is broiling in its own liquids. I cannot think clearly and I hear voices more. Even the sounds of cicadas in the garden somehow gets inside my head and echoes to the point I just want out of life. I take my medication but am sure its not...
  3. M

    Hi all

    Hi. I'm 33, I have bipolar disorder (apparently with borderline traits although only just learned this from my medical notes) social anxiety and GAD and some physical conditions too. My husband is disabled (mostly physically but he also suffers from depression and social anxiety and ptsd due to...
  4. N


    Hiya, I decided to sign up to this just so I had somewhere to put all my thoughts. I've been dealing with some issues for the past few years (since around Year 10- I'm now an undergraduate, so roughly 4 years). I'll probably put up a more detailed post in an appropriate section later. I...
  5. H

    Hi all!

    Hello, Recently decided to gain some support so that I don't feel as alone in my struggle with anxiety and depression! 4 months ago now I had to make the decision to have a termination of pregnancy. It was the right decision for me and my boyfriend as were only 20. After this I suffered a...
  6. S

    I can't cope any more, I really can't. Please don't ignore

    Hello everyone. I don't know what to do right now. I feel like I'm losing my mind and I can't cope. I have a disabled brother who has autism and mental health problems and my mum can't cope with him so she leave home everyday and I have to deal with it. He hears voices, talks to things that...
  7. A

    Starting a thread to stop self harming

    Hi all, I hope you all well today x I have been struggling on and off with self harm for the last 20+ years. It has effected almost my entire adult life and left my relationship very battered. Tonight I self harmed again and think it is almost the last straw for my partner. We were due to go...
  8. S

    Help with Mirtazapine withdrawl

    I was put on Mirtazapine two years ago for an eating disorder. Gained 2 stone in weight (28lbs) and had night sweats too. Want to get off this medication due to weight gain mainly but wanted other people's experiences of this. Question is did you have many side effects when tapering and did the...
  9. N

    ESA Reassessment

    I'm so nervous I have an ESA reassessment and my ESA50 is due soon and I don't know what to do. :panic: There's too much happening and I'm overwhelmed.
  10. F

    i have seen my counsellor after a return of anxiety from a new job.

    Hi all I have seen my counsellor this am. Basically I have had to go back to her because I have been suffering from anxiety after retuning to full time employment, which I have now left. She said that I was suffering due to the circumstances involved in why I left my last job. Basically I...
  11. F


    I am currently experiencing transference with my boss at work, and am wondering if other people can relate. I saw my boss as a mother figure and relied on her for most of my emotional support. She was like my mum and my best friend. Recently I have had a meeting with her and HR, due to my...
  12. A

    Think that's me now at rock bottom - don't know what to do now...

    So, it's very hard to know how to start with this as I've again, hit a mental state that leaves me genuinely terrified and a I see no way of getting on top of things. I'll try and structure this post into each aspect that is causing me issues so as not to miss anything... WORK SITUATION: I...
  13. A

    Hello, new here

    Hey there Where to begin...33 year old female, have had a long history of issues. 1998 - self-harming tendencies (underage drinking due to school bullying) 2000 - sexual assault by hotel member of staff when on holiday (was 15 at the time) 2004 - self-harming tendencies (due to boyfriend...
  14. R

    Planning to go off SSRI meds. Lets discuss.

    Hey folks, I actually came to the forums for just this issue. I have been taking Citalopram (Celexa), 20mg a day for almost 6 years now. About 8 months ago, I changed physicians and expressed to new doc that I was interested in stopping the treatment. That doctor recommended an increase to 40mg...
  15. L

    New to this. Need advice!

    Hi there I have recently been diagnosed with PTSD and have suffered on and off with anxiety and depression over the years. The past two years have been extremely difficult as my ex partner stalked me and has been jailed 3 times due to this. There was articles in the national newspaper about it...
  16. T

    Hello, i’m new here!

    Hello Everyone, I joined your forum to hopefully get advice, support for my various mental health problems and to support others. I suffer with depression, self harm, suicidal thoughts, various types of anxiety including social anxiety,panic attacks, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Eating disorder...
  17. H

    Paroxetine, brand changing advice required.

    Low and Behold. The Generic Paroxetine I take is no longer "being made" and I need to switch brands. I cannot take seroxat due to brain zaps and one other due to v low mood. Any anecdotes your end?
  18. F

    Hey!! Please help me

    Hi everyone, I am a first year med student suffering from a number of mental illnesses be it OCD ( mainly pure-o), SOCIAL ANXIETY, GAD, PANIC DISORDER, ONYCHOPHAGIA and mild AGORAPHOBIA ( all being in severe stage). I have been diagnosed officially by psychiatrist. They have prescribed me meds...
  19. F

    It's urgent!!!!!

    Hi everyone, Please help me urgently as I am in a very pathetic situation. I am a first year medical student pursuing MBBS. I suffer from a number of mental disorders be it - OCD, SOCIAL ANXIETY, BODY DYSMORPHIA, GAD, PANIC DISORDERS, ONYCHOPHAGIA, slight AGORAPHOBIA ( of college) - all being...
  20. B

    Need help

    I have used Olanzapine and Risperidone for 7 years and currently none of them is able to put me to sleep. I'm loosing my mind due to lack of sleep. Any one has experienced this please advice.