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  1. Ivory_NK

    Severe BPD

    I'm suffering in every way imaginable severe depression mania paranoia insomnia anger constantly living in fear and constantly depressed to top it off theres nothing i love better than numbing my emotions with alcohol, but i become a complete nutcase and recently got out of prison because of...
  2. N

    How can we help?

    Hi. Posting on here to hopefully get some guidance. I have a 21 year old stepdaughter who we think has bipolar. Let me explain. As a child/teenager she was always a challenge. Charming and smiling one minute or rude, moody and quiet the next without any explanation. However we put it down to...
  3. K

    Is she afraid of me?

    My best friend of 1 year and I moved away for college together. We were both unhappy with our current lives, hardly any support from our families and she wanted to go away and start a new life with me. Her situation was tougher than mine so I offered to support her until she was stable. I...
  4. K

    Why did she leave me?

    My best friend of 1 year and I moved away for college together. She was depressed and suicidal and she said she had a dream to go away and start a new life with me. Her parents weren't helping much so I offered to support her until she was stable. I gathered money from my old jobs and helped her...
  5. M

    Unsure where to go

    My partner has been out of work for 2 years and now also an alcoholic. Hiding bottles and lying about what he has drunk but he sthereill turns it around to me being a nag. I hate coming home from work every day knowing he will be drunk and/or passed out as he drinks from morning onward. I also...
  6. P

    Had enough for being called a Packi Shager

    I'm only typing this because I need somewhere online to type , sorry I'm drunk. A car full of of pakistani muslims asked me awhile ago if I knew anyone who would suck their cock and I told the their mum would do it and they got insulted. I told them I'm not a "paki shager" and they said I was...
  7. B

    How will it end?

    My parents never told me that they love me. They also never told me they miss me, even when, as a teenager, I was sent away to a boarding school. My mother told me twice that she love me, but when she told me that she was in great distress, so I dont count these two times. I remember that my...
  8. vanish

    Anyone here take Latuda?

    I was prescribed this after I had a bad reaction to Clozapine (it caused myocarditis). I take 80mg in conjunction with 200mg Largactil (thorazine) and 60mg Fluanxol injection (given fortnightly). I find it makes me very tired :sleepy2:, dizzy :drunk: and less motivated to do anything. However...
  9. I

    Advice please

    I feel empty/nothing at all. I haven't taken any medications that could have caused this. The only time when I do feel something is when I'm either really drunk or really high.
  10. R

    I feel like I'm going insane

    This is the first time I'm reaching out and reading everyone's posts gives me comfort that I'm not alone. So it began recreationally using drugs until it turned into smoking weed every day and using ecstasy occasionally for a 3 year period. It wasn't until I started experiencing extreme...
  11. R

    False memory Ocd

    I've been suffering from Ocd for years and want to get someone's opinion on my most recent bout of False Memory Ocd. I was drunk one night a few months back, and had sex with this girl, but my mind's convincing me I didn't. I wasn't blackout drunk, but was at the point of being too drunk to feel...
  12. J

    Biggest regret

    Hi before I start I want you to all to know that I realize I'm such an awful human being, I have committed the stupidest thing I could of, i cheated on the person I love, I love her sincerely with all my heart, I know people think you can't love someone and cheat but I did, I was super drunk...
  13. P

    I get urges for no reason.

    I have noticed that SH has been playing on my mind a lot today and the past few days. I have been out tonight and I did get drunk although I feel much sober now! I just don't understand why I always want to self harm??! is this what life is going to be like now? :(
  14. L

    Bad sexual experience

    Hi all, this is my first post and I hope I'm in the right place. Over the weekend I put myself in a very dangerous situation, and I'm dealing with the aftermath. Basically, I was very drunk and someone (who was also drunk) had sex with me while I was partly unconscious. I say partly, because I...
  15. M

    Depression and relationship problems after sisters death

    Hi everyone, I recently realised I have had depression for years after the death of my sister in Dec2015. It sort of brought it to the surface and over the space of 2016, there were times where I got too drunk, totally without meaning it. Needing looked after, being stupid and forgetful...
  16. N

    Should I disown my friend for my own sanity?

    I have known this friend since the age of 13 and am now 31 so 17 years so I feel like I have a lot invested in him because I've known him such a long time. The thing is I think the relationship has become toxic. We only meet up to drink alcohol, that's all our relationship revolves around and...
  17. M

    feel like loosing myself

    hi, does anyone else get the feelings of worrying about your health?, i keep thinking i am going to get lung disease or heart disease or damage my brain, i feel threatened when i talk about it, i hate the feeling of the fear of going crazy and loosing myself, i am always alone in my house and...
  18. S

    I just feel so sad :(

    Hi you lovely people, I've tamed my message down because I don't want to bring you down, just feeling shite, miss my ex like mad, am a bit drunk and want a friend really x
  19. E


    Drunk and honest Want to die Now Fat can't handle it Rapedby husband don't know what to do Have two kids Drunk Hate nothing full time mom Want to quit work Love work Resent kids Don't resent kids Hate stupid teen age me I am a magnet to trauma
  20. I

    Drunk and discharged

    Amazing. 8m normal now. Well the money has run out any how. I'm drunk. So dtmr6nk I can hardly see. So what does the future hold for me?,