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  1. B


    Hello everyone, I have used and abused all types of drugs and alcohol from hard illicit street drugs to prescription medications to marijuana beginning at the age of about 7 years old, I am 43 years old now. I have had brief spurts of complete sobriety here and there along the years with the...
  2. P

    Irrational fear of drugs (I think)

    All my life I have never had to worry about drugs because I always saw it as insignificant and something that a handful of people do and it'll never have anything to do with my life. I lived very happily with this thought in the back of my mind and I could even joke about drugs in a good light...
  3. M

    drug induced akathisia

    any help with drug induced akathisia does it go away after stopping the drug? pls help
  4. Bizzarebitrary

    Let's address antidepressants and self-stigma

    There are a number of reasons why someone diagnosed with mental illness refuses psychiatric medications and I'd like to understand why some stigmatize it. Can mental illness be treated, tolerated without meds - yes of course, I know this from personal experience but let's discuss why patients...
  5. Bizzarebitrary

    Hello! Making introductions is awkward but I'm pleased to be here.

    Greetings to all from Northern California, or the darkest portion of it which happens to be wherever I'm sitting at the time. :low: From the Mental Illness Buffet, I've been served a generous helping of Major Depressive Disorder smothered in Treatment Refractory gravy, several large sides of...
  6. W

    Prescriptions to you

    They send my mental health medication aripiprazole in the post now. If I'm not in the postman will leave it in my shed. I wouldn't mind but the drug makes you have suicidal thoughts!
  7. P

    i wished i never taken clozapine....

    back in august, i had a clozapine induced priapism which i did not treat...i was too embarrassed to seek a medical emergency..... now i don't have erections anymore...can't afford ED drugs right now.. about in april i quit using that drug when my heart felt like it was about to burst.....i...
  8. Suebop

    My depression story- November 2018

    Disclaimer: I am not a doctor with any medical training except for my own personal study and experiences. Please consult your own very experienced physician about any medications or treatments that are specific to your situation. Hello, friends. I am a 51 year old woman who resides in Oregon in...
  9. Suebop

    My depression story--November 2018

    Disclaimer: I am not a doctor with any medical training except for my own personal study and experiences. Please consult your own very experienced physician about any medications or treatments that are specific to your situation. Hello, friends. I am a 51 year old woman who resides in Oregon in...
  10. I

    Drug Testing

    How come in California psychiatrists drug test their patients? This started happening over a year ago. :scratch:
  11. D

    Drug side effects

    So trying to keep my daughter on meds has been getting more difficult. She is 36 yrs old so I cannot force the issue. She is on 100 mg seraquel and resperdone 2mg 3 times a day. Her major complaint is sleepiness. Wondering if anyone has asked Dr for anything that would counter the sleepiness and...
  12. B

    Self Harm

    So I feel like my psychiatrist isn't really listening well to me when I talk about my suicidal feelings. I suffer from bipolar so honestly in any given moment I get this sudden sense of doom and just want to end my life. It's a horrible thought, my mind starts racing as to how I can just end it...
  13. F

    Maybe One Day or maybe not??????

    I just have a simply question? Can A female with mental illness, That's also taking medication for that mental illness reproduce. Back Story I'm in my late 20's and my sister who's younger then me just had a baby boy. I've always wanted children, but once I was diagnosed in 2012 I thought my...
  14. D

    So much going on at the minute - advice/support would be great please?

    Hi all. Hope you're doing okay. A lot has happened in the recent months of my life and I'm struggling. I only had two proper friends before, but that was enough for me. One passed away in January, he was only 28, and the investigation into his death took a long time, I only found out the cause...
  15. F

    New side effects after two years on Duloxetine??

    Hi, I've been on 90mg duloxetine daily for around two years now. Has really helped with depression and anxiety and have been doing well, mental health problems haven't disappeared but are much more manageable now. But, over the past couple of months I have started getting very forgetful...
  16. S


    Should I try this drug? I have not officially been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, but it might help me...
  17. P

    Could use some help if anybody's experienced this before

    Lately I've had a sort of nagging thought in the back of my head about trying some strong kind of drug. The only drug I've ever used recreationally is marijuana, and I liked it but imo it wasn't everything people make it out to be. For some reason, since the last time I tried it, I can't stop...
  18. F

    Women-only drug treatment services: their time has come #DAWF18

    Posted by Katharine Sacks-Jones>, Emma Wincup May 23 2018 . Women-only drug treatment services #DAWF18 I wonder what the women here think.
  19. S

    Generic Lexapro

    Does anyone here have experience with this drug? If so, how long did it take before you saw results?
  20. B

    Rock bottom

    My battles with my mental health, drug and alcohol issues has finally lead me to become homeless. I have exhausted my friends and family to the point nobody will have me living with them. I cannot afford to rent on my own as due to my health I have just recently left my job (after 2 months sick...