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  1. M

    Serious Letter.

    Thinking of writing a serious letter about my struggle with Blpd. I want Drs to understand when they get new 'patient's' This is going to be hard to type. Emotionally/pyhsically abused as a kid by kids Left Feeling scared and unworthy of anything Drinking Alcahol at 12 Shutting Down Killing...
  2. D

    Hiding a mental problem

    Can anyone tell me is it usual or even normal for a person suffering from mental illness like schizophrenia to hide that problem from family and friends under the canopy of natural healing and with total opposition even fear of Dr's and conventional medicines. Hence if anyone in the family is...
  3. M

    I feel like I may have bipolar

    for a while I've been up and down with my moods, I'm not how I was before, i can snap from happy to a rage, I been to Dr's they said that they want to refer me but I'm not sure if it is, my partner has to put up with a hell of a lot from me, because of how I am,I was never like I am, I hate...
  4. angry butterfly

    Vitamin D.

    Anyone know if you can get a test from the chemist to see if you are vitamin D deficient? Dont want to go to dr's if i can help it.
  5. Dreambuggie

    Who will employ Drs

    Once privatised - what will quacks contracts read?
  6. K

    Any advice

    I have my Drs appointment today, probably my 1 millionth appointment lol and I am terrified, I am at my wits end and if she turns me away and tells me I need to go back to my useless care team today, I will probably have about 2 days maximum in me before any conscience fighting on the side of...
  7. R


    Hi all, where to start. supported teenage daughter (17now) through anxiety/depression. watched it destroy her, shut in her room for 5months. had to visits drs etc without her, as could not get her there. Trying to get help was horrendous. Non arrived. Anyway, did not realise what all this was...
  8. frogger

    Delusions with bipolar/depression?

    Does anyone know when to tell if your paranoia is psychosis? Background info; I'm diagnosed with cyclothymia and severe depression. I'm only being treated with anti-depressants, no mood stabilisers. My mood isn't fluctuating too much I don't think. It's moving around a little, but I'm not...
  9. C

    feeling lost

    I have been so scared the past year I been having horrible anxiety seems after I quit drinking. I am in constant fear of dying I think I am having a heart attack or brain anarism or I have cancer etc... I get so light heard and sweaty shaking and the worse part is I cant swallow then go.in...
  10. D

    drs won't listen

    I've gone to the drs so many times asking for help with my eating they just keep saying 'You need to eat" then they show me the door what do i do?
  11. M


    Hi all , been on pregabalin about 4wks now, on 50mg 3 times daily, not sure if it helps or not but I know that I am having side effects from it although my MH Dr questioned this. Feel really dizzy also become very clumsy, dropping things all the time. My anxiety is deep rooted, know what I have...
  12. J

    dypexal should be banned

    I think DR"S treat us like badly behavoured children when something don't work,out pops the next multi-coloured sweety. i was 1st diagnosed with psychosis many years back now i'm now got schizoaffective disorder i can understand some of it ,but what the hell is schizoaffective disorder i've...
  13. RunawayDreamer

    Trying for a baby...

    Hi everyone, I hope your all ok. Just wondering if anyone has any experience/thoughts on what to do when taking meds and want to try for a baby. I have Cyclothymia/early Bipolar and Im currectly taking 200mg of Quetiapine - have been feeling well since this doseage has been set for the last 2...
  14. RedRoseBeauty

    Buying scales?

    I know this sounds really odd but I am considering buying a set of scales. I have avoided being near them for a long time but I really want to keep track of my weight. I went to be weighed at the Dr's a few months ago & ever since knowing I've lost so much weight I'm scared of putting weight on...
  15. angel62

    new and need some suport

    hi im dianne my son today has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and is in hospital i feel so numb and so stressed at the moment Dr's are not even supporting us with information its like there to busy to talk to us. and my son thinks there is nothing wrong...
  16. G

    Dr's appointment

    She didn't listen. Just told me to go to sleep at a certain time and do more exercise. She was rude and made me cry. Not bothering with doctors anymore.
  17. G

    Dr's appointment

    She didn't listen. Just told me to go to sleep at a certain time and do more exercise. She was rude and made me cry. Not bothering with doctors anymore.
  18. M

    finally got my appt.with shrink tomorrow!

    Its only taken since january. Will it be more like seeing a dr or a councillor? What sort of questions do they ask and how long will it be? Am I likely to have my medication changed? and if so do you have to go to your drs for it or can you get it there? thanks
  19. J

    Question about being prescribed medication

    Regarding my previous posts, I am now considering going to the Dr's about how I am feeling. I was just wondering how quickly Dr's are willing prescribe medication for depression and such because I worry that I will just get there, talk to my Dr and she will say "I will prescribe you this and...
  20. messeduprainbow

    Help me make the Drs understand me ...

    Hi there I am currently in hospital on a section 3 for hearing voices to hurt my daughter and partner. Im hospital i have been hearing voices to hurt staff and so was collecting cutlery but i never did hurt anybody nor did i in my right mind have any intent on hurting somebody. The thing is i...