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  1. Groot


    I'm back, like Mr. Kotter. After being banned from this site, and several others, and, after I got my butt kicked real bad by a country western bar bouncer for shooting spitballs at the bartender through a cocktail straw. Anyway I just dropped in to say; Hey I love you all, crazy peeps. But...
  2. S

    Alcohol problem

    I'm not an alcoholic as such but I have been drinking every night for years and have become seriously obese because of this. In May I decided enough was enough, cut down the alcohol, got a turbo trainer for my neglected bike and set about loosing weight. I have lost 1.5 stones, lost 10" off my...
  3. Zardos

    Still Paranoid

    A couple of months ago my nurse was trying to get me to go down to the clinic for my depot injection instead of them coming to see me.. My father was going to find out which bus I needed to catch and how much it would cost... The whole thing was in the advanced planning stage and...
  4. E

    Agro phobia

    Hi, I feel I've agrophobia like, severe social anxiety, I've depression too probably linked to staying home. You see I stay in day and night, as I cut off from going out and enjoying my hobbies, even local shop is less than 5 mins away i go yet I panic.I try counselling CBT but not help much. I...
  5. up.left

    I am having BPD episodes daily.

    I have joined here because I am having daily BPD episodes. I have been taking my blood pressure the last few months because i am afraid i'm going to have a heart attack at 28 years old. I have been so stressed out about a court date even though i am all but assured it will be dropped by the...
  6. duoduo

    Voice telling me 'I've sinned' and 'will pay'

    Hi, I have been professionally diagnosed with psychotic BPD and take 150mg of anti psychotics, but today something happened that hasn't happened in a while. Someone dropped some money, and I saw them looking for it, and I looked them in the eye as I walked past with it in my pocket. I live off...
  7. B

    Fluoxetine does change.

    ive been on Fluoxetine 20 mgs for a couple of months now, my depression has improved though still low and lack motivation. though i dont have the really dark days as much. my anixity is worse though. i also take a very small does of mirtrazapine to help me sleep. i was at the docs yesterday and...
  8. A

    BPD and Education

    Hello all I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder last year and have gone through a 20 week group treatment programme to help me with it. The symptoms started in secondary school and resulted in me not doing as well as I could in my exams. I got into uni anyway and lasted two years...
  9. N

    Mind if I vent?

    Hello, my name is Nick. I'd like to apologize in advance, because I do know all of you probably have it worse than I do, yet you're taking the time to read my venting anyway. And for that I thank you. I dropped my college classes because I was thinking about suicide, and I just couldn't...
  10. W

    I don't know what's wrong with me... Or if I'm just making myself worse

    I don't know what's wrong with me... Or if I'm just making myself worse Firstly I'm new to this website, so hi I guess. I came here to talk to someone who might know something or have some advice about my situation right know. I'm 18 and have been struggling with what I call anxiety for a...
  11. valleygirl

    I Miss My Therapist So Much

    And it hurts a lot. I just miss her. And now I've quit spiritual direction and stopped going to the soul care monthly meetings. That was my only social connection and I've dropped everything.
  12. BillFish

    Risperdal and blood clotting

    I recently had a blood clot the entire length of my leg, and now have to take waferin.It had been there for several years and I could have dropped any moment. I now have the situation where my GP openly believes that risperdal causes blood clotting, and anecdotal evidence from several cpn's...
  13. Beergardenweather

    Social media

    So I deleted my facebook apps again, then downloaded them again, then deleted them - repeat. I wish I could just delete them permanently but I'm so worried about missing out on something. Looking at the 'on this day' tab is a minefield but I cant help myself. I've had my fb account about 8...
  14. K

    Help with quetiapine add on for my low mood thanks

    I am on 350mg lamotrigine and 100mg quetiapine was to sedated all the time on 300mg so dropped to 100mg and I am bp2. My mood is really low what do i add on thanks
  15. J

    Had a nightmare PIP assessment with ATOS. Whats my chances?

    wondering if anyone else here has managed to claim the benefit on mental health grounds? my main symptoms are nausea, vomiting, and blackouts through severe anxiety. i actually ended up having to run to the toilet halfway through the 'medical', to be sick. the lady seemed very understanding...
  16. A

    Dropping out for the 4th time

    Hello, So I originally started uni five years ago and dropped out due to mental health problems. I then went to college, lasted a month and half and dropped out again. After a really rough patch where I attempted suicide, I started getting psychological therapies for about a year and started...
  17. bluemoon2

    Being unable to eat... should I worry?

    I have anxiety and was wondering if anyone has experienced a simular problem. I have been feeling a bit stressed lately, but no more or less than what I am used to so I have no idea if this is medical or mental... But since last Tuesday I haven't been able to eat. I am absolutely starving right...
  18. M

    New here.

    Hi i am new on here im a bit of a veteran when it comes to living with depression and anxiety im on heavy meds to help stop bad thoughts and get me through each day im in a bad way at the moment as my long term cpn is leaving tomorrow and for the last few weeks she has been very vague as to...
  19. M

    Problems in friendships

    Hi I have been really struggling with something and thought maybe if I post on here I may be able to find people who understand. I have BPD and social anxiety. I have no real life friends, only friends I made online. I made a friend through a forum and she began texting me every day and...
  20. U

    Stuff this feeling

    My moods dropped massively i am rock bottom, My PRN is not working. I want to SH so bad I wont type how, thats not fair, I just want to throw stuff to get control.