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  1. megirl


    I had a bizzare weekend last weekend. Went away with 2 girls that In know smoke weed on a regular basis. We went to Aussie they shouted me which was awesome. I knew they wouldnt dare try to take any with them on the trip. But yes they walked up to a complete and random staranger who pointed...
  2. C


    How on earth do I deal with it? It is driving me loopy, particularly because it is contrary to ordinary me, how everybody sees me and the fact there is no opportunity to follow through. Driving me round the bend!
  3. H

    keep walking, that's all I can do.

    Hi, I am a new member here on the forum. I'm not sure what to expect here but I hope the people here are helpful and understanding. Not that I am my diagnosis but I suffer with deep depression, anxiety and PTSD. I tried suicide for the first (and last) time in August on the anniversary of my...
  4. samuel-oc235

    i give up

    why am i still here? life is ****. got three b****s here, feel like using them, im so close to giving up, just driving my car somewhere and just giving in to my urges :low:
  5. P

    Does anyone find their voices worsen...

    ...when something good but stressful happens, eg passing a driving test?
  6. O

    Hey, SH urges getting worse

    My self harm thoughts are through the roof.'voices driving, me nuts don't want to sh.
  7. V

    Fear of traveling by car

    Has anyone else got this fear? It started about 5 years ago when I was having driving lessons. Was doing really well, loved driving, and only 4 weeks away to taking my test. Then suddenly, driving home with mum (me driving) and I get a panic attack (it was dark and along a river) Since then I...
  8. C

    Insect bite

    Anyone have any ideas for soothing an insect bite? My foot's swollen like an angry red balloon, it's really bad, itching like mad and very hot I felt the critter bite it this morning:mad: Don't have anything here and can't get to a shop now, sorry it's trivial but it's driving me nuts, thanks...
  9. Natty

    all these thoughts!!!

    Does anyone else think so much and never really solve anything its driving me crazy.... Like does my partner still want me does anything the mhs actually know what there doing am I ever going too get better or am I just goin to be like this forever and it goes on and on and on!!
  10. blacktulip

    Just had a bloody awful panic attack

    Ok they are all awful but ive never been as scared. So close to passing out and and im terrified when it will happen again out of the house, walking my dog, at work, driving for gods sake. Im still shaking from it and still feel that dread and the tightness in my chest. :low: I cant hold my cup...