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  1. Fluffymum

    Driving ban. What if?

    Hi I have a difficult one here i was wondering if anyone has any advise, I have dissociative identity disorder otherwise known as multiple personality disorder. i have several alter personalities and when I dissociate I either blank out and stare into space or my personality state changes. my...
  2. cpuusage

    The Dynamic Duo of Your Mind

    https://www.brucelipton.com/blog/the-dynamic-duo-your-mind Tue, June 7, 2016 The evolution of higher mammals, including chimps, cetaceans and humans, brought forth a new level of awareness called “self-consciousness,” or, simply, the conscious mind. The newer conscious mind is an important...
  3. S

    Hi From Shane

    I jumped into the deep end and posted an issue that I had today and got some much needed advice and assurance so thank you firstly to those that helped! Anyway I am Shane, I have clinical depression, borderline personality disorder, social anxiety and anxiety. I am also ugly which doesn't...
  4. M

    Crazy thoughts - what is happening to me?

    Hi, I'm new here. I would just like to start by saying I know I need to seek professional help and I am not looking for a diagnosis on here. I'm 23 and I have been depressed for about 10 years now, but I never thought it was bad enough for me to seek help. About a year ago I hit the absolute...
  5. fazza

    I am Currently in hospital

    I am in hospital at the moment but I muat say the staff here are fantastic. There has been a couple of incidents from a couple of patients that are really unwell but the staff have treated them with compassion and dignaty. The only problem is that I have to wait to see the consultant before I...
  6. M

    Fear of driving

    Hi, so I feel like I have this problem and I was wondering if people here have experienced the same thing and if they have any tips or advice. The thing is that I don't really have a fear of driving, but I don't have a license yet and I've failed my exam three times already. And it's due to...
  7. L

    is bpd classed as a 'serious phyciatric condition:? do i need to declare it when applying for a driving license?

    is bpd classed as a 'serious phyciatric condition:? do i need to declare it when applying for a driving license? Hi I'm just filling out my provisional driving licence & it asks if I've got any serious phyciatric cconditions. Also does medication I am on effect whether Ican apply ? Tia Lauren...
  8. blacksmoke

    battle of being "normal"

    i was earlier thinking how i am doing my utmost to ignore my anxiety. but it is not helping. i just about managed to get through the weekend at my sisters. throughout that time i was "managing" the anxiety and i would say that 85% is anxiety level and the only reason its not higher than this is...
  9. D

    I don't even know what's wrong with me.

    Hey, I'm new Here. Basically, I don't even know what's wrong with me. I have been suffering on and off with depression since the age of 14. The first time I self harmed was when I was 14 years old. I'm 24 now and I've got two young children (3 and 1) and a partner. My partner is really not...
  10. D

    Still anxiety or ????

    Just back from 5 weeks holidays, and still have problems! Doctor/s said holiday should help! Dizzy but will not fall over etc Left side neck/shoulder pain Left side face feels like pressure Both ears clicking non stop Some times legs feel weak but not Finaly finger trembling both hands! Think i...
  11. Beergardenweather


    Is it just me or is driving one of the worse things for anxiety? There is so much that can go wrong, I'm so scared of pissing someone off or worse that some days I barely dare get in the car. And if something does go wrong it takes me forever to get over it.
  12. B

    Can't shake this Anxiety

    I'm feeling better except for this damn anxiety. My stomach shakes and I can't breath right. I have forced myself out of the house thinking it would help, but it didn't. At least I didn't start seeing those little lights in front of my eyes but my stomach and my breathing are driving me crazy...
  13. D


    Flying overseas today, to start our 10 day holiday! But am really dizzy today and feel trembling every where! My hand was shaking drinking coffee this morning, make things worse stomach issues now! Soo these are signs of anxiety? Well so my dr or should say Doctors keep saying! And popping ears...
  14. G

    Which Phobia, Agoraphobia, or Driving Phobia?

    I live with my mom for the time being. She has had 3 husband who cheated on her and 1 boyfriend who did the same. Not to mention, experienced 4 family members that have died within the years. She used to be full of life and went dancing, but now just sits on the computer when off work. That is...
  15. Peaceful

    Reapplying for driving licence suitability

    Having had a spell in hospital (Feb 2014), have atm been having to reapply for licence on medical grounds each year - was sent letter saying being reassesed Nov 2014, sent an accompanying letter back with psychiatrists letter supporting my claim - arounds Jan 2015 And have today just recieved...
  16. L

    Feeling Really Down

    Feel like I need someone I can talk to who understands voices inside the head. Its driving me mad I hate how low it makes me feel constantly getting told I've done wrong, Im stupid, No one likes you and your better off dead as no one will care that im a waste of space. Feeling that I cant go...
  17. S

    Im f****** tired of driving people away from me

    Listen I'm so sick of being alone for real I drove people away from me my whole life I want things to change and live life like everybody else
  18. R

    Scared, confused and not sure what to do!

    Hello all. Firstly, I'd like to apologise if I have posted this in the wrong place, but I wasn't too sure where to put it! It's quite a long story, so to save you all the boredom etc, I'll try and keep it as short as possible. I've been with my partner since August '14. On our one year...
  19. The Big Dawg

    Broken again

    So thinking back when I was driving on the interstate 40 with my woman by my side and everything was ok and my life was taking a turn for the best but now I'm back here in dreary gray London (UK) back where I was all because s**t hit the fan
  20. M

    It's been a long while

    Hi there I haven't been on here for ages but that doesn't mean all is well in my wobbly wobbly world. I have had several bad experiences in the past twelve months which to be honest have left me traumatised and with trust issues. I finally left my job after been put on four days, redundancy...