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  1. S

    Disorientated & Confused/Muddled Thoughts?

    I have suffered with GAD and Social Anxiety since 2012/2013 and have suffered on and off with symptoms. Recently my symptoms have been a lot worse and I'm wondering if it could be linked to starting driving lessons. I am very nervous and anxious when it comes to driving and always feel on edge...
  2. B

    Are these delusions?

    So,I have been having some thoughts other people don't...For example,I believe there is an outside force in my room,following me from room to room,controlling my emotions and they know what i think about.Also,I believe I can see chromosomal anomalies on people that are actually healthy.Also,this...
  3. Funnyday

    After how long do you get your license back?

    I was originally told back in March that it would be a year before I would be driving again. However I started on Clozapine in August. I thought that it was after being on medication for three months that you can ask for your driving license back from dvla. Thats what has happened in the past...
  4. sunset547544

    Can't Stop Thinking about Getting Stoned

    I have been walking around parks hoping to come across someone I can buy pot from, also thinking about growing it in my loft, and even considering going on the dark web to buy it (last two probably really dumb ideas)....it's driving me mad. Can anyone help / offer me some advice?
  5. B

    Learning to drive with anxiety??

    Hey everyone. I'm currently learning to drive. I've only had 7 lessons but I'm really struggling with learning to drive as my anxiety keeps stepping in the way. My driving instructor told me last week that I should be getting over my driving fear by now, he doesn't know I suffer from an anxiety...
  6. Solitude1

    Starting Off

    I'm finally able to think past her and the relationship broken up, somehow. I need to get a driving license soon because my father has DVT, how can I find a motivation, of course a positive one, to convince myself to learn driving? I really enjoy racing games 😂 or car tuning ones, I read a lot...
  7. P

    Venlafaxine increasing impulsivity?

    Hello, I am on venlafaxine I have been on it for about 5-6 weeks now. The first 2 wees i was on 37.5 twice a day. after that i was on 75mg (i think its that) twice a day for about 3 weeks and no I am on 112.5mg twice a day. I have been on this dosage for about 5 days now and to be honest it's...
  8. A

    Help to overcome my phobias

    Hi, I am new here and looking for some advice on overcoming my phobias. I have recently accepted a new job which will involve quite a bit of driving in the countryside. The driving isn't the issue as i have been driving well over 10 years. However I have a few phobias that are going to cause me...
  9. I

    feeling suicidal

    Hi I'm feeling so suicidal and stupid,I over heard my brother say all I do is sit here do nothin every day,he doesn't understand that I'm trying my very best to find a job and actually not having a job is killing me breaking me and I've tried so hard to find that one than I told my dad and I...
  10. S

    Slow Paranoid Driving

    Yeah for a better part of a year now I've been driving really slow (like 35mph or less in a 55mph). And while driving have the thoughts that there is to be some sort of conspiracy to get me in a fatal crash. So I was wondering if anyone suffers from the same thing.
  11. W

    Driving lessons aged 37 it's made me so ill.

    Hello, I'm new here and have a few learning difficulties with dyslexia so I apologise for spelling issues etc. I started driving lesson aged 17 in a small town in the North of the UK. I remember back then waiting for the instructor to turn up and being so nervous, dripping in sweat and...
  12. 6

    paranoid...anxiety or psychosis??

    I have been doing ok. I usually have 1 week of pretty decent and 1 week of minor depression (with a couple days of moderate depression) and then it repeats itself over and over. It is manageable and it is only because I take meds or else I would be constantly depressed and only very occasionally...
  13. G

    Driving and bi-polar

    Hi. I'm new to the forum hoping to get some help/information. I've had a good dig through the forum but can't seem the find the answer I need. I'm sorry if I've missed it anywhere. (I'm really sorry if this is long). Basically I'm yet to get my diagnosis. I'm being referred to a specialist in...
  14. M

    Taking Diazepam or similar meds when driving

    In the UK there has been a crackdown on driving with any medication in the system that could impede on driving, Valium likely being one of them. The penalties for driving with these substances are quite harsh. I would always strongly suggest checking with your prescribing doctor before driving...
  15. B

    Hit-and-Run OCD/Need help

    Anyone out there experience fear while driving, that you hit someone with your vehicle? I am terrified and have gone so far as to put a dash cam on my rear view mirror but it isn't helping. A new fear of mine is while sitting at a stop sign/red light/traffic, someone is going to walk up to the...
  16. S


    My fear of driving is worsening to (what I believe might be phobia). I feel incredibly stressed behind the wheel, boxed in, pressured. I think about driving even when I get back in the evenings. It's not going away. Anyone else have this issue?
  17. W

    Does this sound familiar to anyone?

    So I got diagnosed with BP 4 years ago and I take seraquil, lamotrigine, and mirtazapine but I am extremely paranoid in any public place or while driving, ect. It always feels like EVERYONE is staring and judging me. Does anyone know how this is treated? Is there a medication or any other way to...
  18. M


    Feel down, ended my relationship as I wasnt happy. seem just down alot. See a mental health support person in a few days. Comfort ate tonight. Mood changes are driving people around me away. How do others lift their mood?
  19. B


    Anxiety attacks. Heart palpitations Now have heartburn with propanalol which is creating anxiety. Many things going on just now like my grans really not well, in the middle of buying a house, driving test booked and having to support new clients who are very violent
  20. anxiously

    I feel so worthless

    Every day I've been finding myself extremely upset several times a day because I have no job and no driver's license. It makes me feel so bad about myself. I know how to drive. I was going to take my test last summer but ran out of time. I have about a month left before I go back to school and...