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  1. T

    Driving Anxiety... any advice??

    First things first: I have diagnosed general anxiety. Now onto my problem... As soon as I was eligible for my permit, I bolted to the DMV and successfully got it! About 2 weeks later, I had a scheduled driving lesson. This was through a company where they pick you up and you drive around for 2...
  2. Funnyday

    CMHT and my driving license

    I applied for a driving license with DVLA back at the beginning of October. After the CMHT changed the psychiatrist 3 times on me. At last I got to see a Shrink. After asking me a few questions. She turned round and said that she has a long form to fill out. She said that in the end it is down...
  3. soulsearcher

    driving licence has been revoked

    i understand why they did it especially with me going into hospital any time soon but i cant but feel pissed off about it :(
  4. K

    Driving phobia... not going away

    Hi, new member here. Sharing what I'm going though and looking for thoughs or suggestions. I sudenly stoped to be able to drive 4 years ago. I had been avoiding motorways since maybe 7 years ago but other roads were fine. I wasn't involved in any accident and I've checked every physical...
  5. M

    Been in an abusive relationship

    Hi all, So my ex. Well I think that's what she regards me as now. She's an alcoholic, has depression, anxiety issues etc. Been absolutely vile towards me, said the most awful things about me, my family, friends etc. Called me retarded, ugly, says I'm autistic, thick. I could go on! Attacked me...
  6. E

    Driving Anxiety

    Okay so I have always suffered from really bad anxiety ever since I was a child. I worry and stress about everything as well as lacking confidence in everything that I do. If it’s not health related scenarios that I fabricate in my head, it’s something else. My new current fear is driving, I...
  7. cloudberry

    Adjustment Disorder, ESA and driving

    I've been on ESA (contributions based) for a few years now. Last year I saw a psychiatrist and he said he didnt think I had Borderline Personality Disorder at all, he thought I had Adjustment Disorder and sent me a letter saying so. I had a Work Assessment a couple of months ago and showed her...
  8. C

    Struggling with a partner who has depression and anxiety

    ive been with my partner on and off for 5 years, it has been an enormous roller coaster of emotions, happiness, sadness and fear. From the beginning it was obvious he had some sort of alcohol addiction and extreme mood swings ranging from depression to believing he could conquer the world. He...
  9. C

    Car insurance

    I'm thinking of getting a car and wondering if the car insurance will be sky high due to a diagnosis of psychosis/schizophrenia. I don't think I'll have any problems with the DVLA because I've been completely symptom free for 4 years...however, just worried I won't be able to afford the...
  10. F

    driving with ghosts

    I was wondering if anyone else had this problem??? Every time I drive some place, no matter the place, while driving I see (what i describe as black mass). I have to drive down back streets and i'm consistently mistaking mailboxes as people. Also I tend to daze out when I'm driving down long...
  11. C

    Can you ever really stop???

    Hi, I'm hoping to find a glimmer of hope within the darkness. Ive been a self harmer for the best park of 15 years, but I haven't done it for almost a year now. And the time before then there was also a big gap when I didn't do it. Both times I thought I had gotten over it, clearly I was wrong...
  12. W

    Panic/aniexty when driving car

    Hey was wondering if anyone else had the same problems as me and if they overcame it. I've been having trouble driving on motor ways in fear of having a panic attack and aniexty, intrusive thoughts started the whole thing. I just don't know how did get above it, I tried to drive on motor way...
  13. I

    Driving Anxiety

    Does anyone else have driving anxiety? I do and it terrifies me! I wish I could drive. How do you over come driving anxiety? How do you go about getting your drivers license when a psychiatrist says you can't drive? Thank you.
  14. E

    Worried about being honest

    I’ve got a meeting with a psychologist on Friday and I’m worrying about telling her that in the last few weeks I’ve been seeing a little girl sitting on my kids swing in the garden and also by the lake when I was away in Wales. My concern is that they may suggest I stop driving( which will stop...
  15. T

    Lost filling driving me mad

    I was flossing my teeth and one of my fillings just came out! I cant stop touching the hole with my tongue, its driving me mad. This kind of thing sets of my ocd.
  16. M

    Anxiety whilst driving

    Does anyone else experience anxiety whilst driving? It’s very strange and I hate it as it means I hate driving alone or in the dark.
  17. H

    PIP tribunal ADJOURNED ?!

    An update to my previous post, of a traumatic PIP tribunal that I felt went badly, I received the decision in the post today and they have decided to adjourn! I am at breaking point, i really can't take much more of this, what are they playing at?! I have been getting DLA for most of my life and...
  18. W


    Being lonely is eating me up inside, I just want to make friends but my anxiety holds me back, I am very clingy and prone to driving people away. Any advice would be much appreciated thank you.
  19. S

    Fear of Driving or Riding

    My phobia of driving and to a lesser stance being driven is so bad that I have to have my mom drive me every ware, and it is still hurts. I just drove the first time in a week and I was driving so slow I had to put on the hazard lights.
  20. V

    Driving phobia

    I am 25 and have never got my drivers license due to an unexplained fear I've had since I was very young. It severely impacts my life because I am a mom of a kindergartner and just makes everything I do 10x harder. I do get help from my family and bf but I always feel very guilty that they have...