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  1. M

    Sex drive

    I'm on antidepressants from 2009, which affected my sexual desires badly, now I'm not sure whether I should consult a concerned doctor or not! Help me please
  2. Fairy Lucretia

    im really upset

    i just came back on after a while away to find i have been defriended by 30 people!! i had 301 friends now i have 272 is there some kind of conspiracy to drive me away and show me im not cared for and wanted? x :low:
  3. garbageg4

    No one wants me anymore

    My kids told me they are done with me for life that all I've done is ruined their lives from the start. At times for their school functionsi will drive 2 hrs to be there for a 15-30 min performance only to turn around and drive 2 hrs back home and they just turn up their noses at me, won't say...
  4. OnaMay

    Anxiety and insomnia

    4 years ago I developed insomnia and then I had anxiety about sleeping. I feel like I'm losing my mind and I'll never be able to function again. Some days I can't drive if I've had no sleep. Has anyone with an anxiety disorder experienced anything like this.:low:
  5. Funnyday

    Car insurance

    I'm sure that others have had this problem in the past. I am waiting on getting my driving license back from DVLA. So I rang them today nearly 4 weeks since I first contacted them. They said that they had only yesterday sent the letter off to my Doctor. However, I can still drive my car while I...
  6. Funnyday

    The long wait for receiving back my driving license

    It seems to be taking forever. I returned my license to DVLA when I was hospitalised back in March 2017. Its now the end of September 2018 and I still have another couple of weeks to go. I know that a section of the law allows for me to drive while waiting for my license back. The trouble is...
  7. Deadheading

    My rage is getting worse

    I posted twice last night, mostly in my journal thread, about what irritated me last night. The hornet's nest (which is me) was poked again, and of course mum denies knowing that flask is mine. Dad told me to respect them, or he'd kick me out. I exploded. I need arguments like this to give me...
  8. N

    2 Long Journeys - Anxiety (no not regarding Father - for once)

    Hi Evening Folks, I have had slight anxiety come over me. Tomorrow and Tuesday sees 2 very long journeys, and I am beginning to wonder, that with the cooler weather blissfully, and my aches and pains in legs, if I'll be able to manage such a long ride, off course we will be taking breaks, and...
  9. R

    anxiety issues

    I think I’ve always had anxiety issues but I’ve never addressed them. I first truly acknowledged it when I went for a smear test. I managed to get so worked up over it that they couldn’t do the test. Still haven’t had one. Sex is impossible to. I get so worried about how much it will hurt. Then...
  10. F

    driving with ghosts

    I was wondering if anyone else had this problem??? Every time I drive some place, no matter the place, while driving I see (what i describe as black mass). I have to drive down back streets and i'm consistently mistaking mailboxes as people. Also I tend to daze out when I'm driving down long...
  11. P

    Compulsive spender, cleaner? Obsessed?

    Hi all, I have always battled with my emotions, ever since becoming a teenager, going through puberty i had a tough time i would cry a lot etc. I did think I would overcome this and it has become slightly better but the last year has been a roller coaster. I understand this forum isn’t to...
  12. W

    Panic/aniexty when driving car

    Hey was wondering if anyone else had the same problems as me and if they overcame it. I've been having trouble driving on motor ways in fear of having a panic attack and aniexty, intrusive thoughts started the whole thing. I just don't know how did get above it, I tried to drive on motor way...
  13. I

    Driving Anxiety

    Does anyone else have driving anxiety? I do and it terrifies me! I wish I could drive. How do you over come driving anxiety? How do you go about getting your drivers license when a psychiatrist says you can't drive? Thank you.
  14. L

    Advice needed desperately. Depression setreline no sex drive and porn

    Hi there I'm new to the forums but am desperately seeking some advice. I met my boyfriend online in september and to say he amazing would be an understatement. He suffers with depression and was put on sertreline at the beginning of November. Straight away our sex life finished and when I...
  15. H

    Depression and sex drive

    I feel depressed almost all the time, and have taken test (online) on depression that suggests that I am depressed. But I wonder if its really so, because sometimes I get a really strong sex drive. I live alone and have little contact with other people, but when I meet someone, for example when...
  16. Poopy Doll

    30 years later, bipolar

    Well, the bipolar has tripped me up, again. It's incompatible with my leg problem. I had a stomach ache and thought I could drive the car to the pharmacy/drugstore. I can't drive the car because sitting up straight makes my leg hurt severely. I know this but I was in the mood to drive the car at...
  17. M

    HELP I have made myself manic!

    Okay so hello again! I am currently trying to sleep I have only slept 1.5 out of the last 30 hours because I had to help my aunt drive to her house in Texas (I live in North Carolina. I drove 13 out of 18 hrs). My boss (cousin) still expects me to be accepting calls for work. People are calling...
  18. Topcat

    Very scared right now, situation at home

    Husband's emotional state has kicked off. He was about to drive off. Went outside, he came back in and we talked a bit. I know how this goes. He blames our eldest (the one he threatened violence against) He blames me. He's highly emotional. He's gone in the lounge now because he can't handle...
  19. MarftheMage

    Hello Everyone

    Hey there, call me Marf. I'm a girl, aged 23 living in Australia and I've been looking for a place to talk to others with similar experiences. I have Asperger's syndrome, anxiety disorder, ADHD, bipolar type II and agoraphobia. I've been in and out of doctor's offices since primary school and...
  20. T

    Increase humour and sex drive

    Hi, I recently experienced no sleep for 5/6 days. I went to the doctors and was prescribed zopiclone. Since then, I've noticed my humour and sex drive has rocketed. I know its a strange combination! Is this normal? Thanks!