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  1. L

    What ways can I combat depression caused by technology?

    I am 18 but technology makes me depressed and scares me. For example that article on driver less cars controlled my phones, robots and the hyperloop actually made me cry. I feel like I was born in the wrong era, or 98 years too late. I'm still not fully used to using a computer even. As I have...
  2. C

    I'm no good

    Comrades, Despair is creeping in. My wife is at the end of her tether. She is a wonderful person and loves me. I am the cause of her unhappiness and it is killing me. I am mentally unable to carry out the work I studied five years for. It has been a step too far for me and I have let her and...
  3. B

    Completely screwed up

    I've just got back from the hospital after I badly self harmed I had a complete meltdown at home crisis team were crap. The hospital wanted me to see the duty psychiatrist but I kept refusing so they phoned my husband and let me go home once I had stitches and dressing. They have told my husband...
  4. A

    The will to on

    I am struggling with keeping going. My problem is I am totally addicted to the bed and I spend all my time there. Even when I manage a short walk I am thinking about my bed. I love my bed but I feel awful about myself. I have not been looking after myself showering/washing my hair. I wear...
  5. S

    BPD but Hearing voices.

    I'm currently taking diazepam for anxiety, but still having voices. My psychiatrist wanted to prescribe chlorpromazine, which killed my creativity. I'm going to hearing voices group, I just want to learn to cope with them, (but I do get overwhelmed and then distract myself with music, but can...
  6. L

    Standing at the bottom of the garden - in my dressing gown

    I've just been standing at the bottom of my garden in my dressing gown, smoking a joint, staring into the black abyiss quite literally, wondering how things will ever be okay again. The poster child of sanity, no? What a fucking clichè I am. Then I text a friend, more like a sister, and she made...