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  1. shaky

    I never feel accepted for who I am

    I went to a Gay Pride event and the party afterward. it said to dress Outrageously So I dressed up how I liked and put a big red cloak over the top to hide it as I went from the car to the venue. But once in the venue, everyone else seemed so conventional - the women were dressed as men and the...
  2. Zardos

    Too Many Med's Again

    I deliberately took too many meds this afternoon.. not at overdose levels.. Just more than prescribed.. Just enough to numb me out.. I've been asleep now off and on for twenty four hours... Now its 9:30pm and i just got up... I'm feeling pretty cruddy... Sometimes living on my own gets to me...
  3. M

    Crazy Hair Colours

    When I was manic I would die my hair a different color every two to three months. They were normally bright and crazy colors. My favorite was purple. Does any one else like to do this. I always thought it was fun to stand out! Now I kinda try to fit in, but sometimes I miss my bright red hair...
  4. M

    Almost commited suicide in 2009

    About 7 years ago I almost commited suicide. I know how tragic right, but its the truth. I am a beautiful wonderful person who thankfully is alive and can walk, wear heels and do everything a normal person could do. I was sent to the psych ward cuz they deemed me crazy. No one really understands...
  5. C

    Tearful & tired

    As I'm sat here this evening I can literally feel myself sinking lower & lower. I didn't sleep well at all last night (up til 3am) as sometimes when I'm not feeling 'well' I tend to avoid sleep for some reason. I haven't left my house in like 3 days - today was the first time in those 3 days...
  6. C

    2+ hours to shower *TRIGGER WARNING*

    Hello, * I've had OCD for as long as I can remember (currently 25).* Throughout my life my obsessions have changed from one thing to the next. It started with Intrusive violent/sexual thoughts when I was in grade school, then being completely obsessed with my significant other's past...
  7. H

    hey, can anyone help?

    Hey everyone, Im new to mhf and after a lot of battling with myself i have decided that this may be a gateway where i can talk to people and try and relieve a little bit of weight off my shoulders. I am always feeling ever so worried that something bad is always going to happen and i feel...
  8. BillFish

    I actually enjoyed going to the clinic the other day.(shock horror)

    I had to go for an appointment to see the psychiatrist the other day at the clinic, and shock horror it was actually a nice experience? Firstly the receptionist greeted me with a smile, and didn't nonchalantly ignore me whilst chatting to her mate on the phone. Then I sat down in the neat...
  9. valleygirl

    Can antibiotics mess with your head?

    I'm taking antibiotics for a cyst in my ear, and I'm feeling a lot of anxiety--so much that it's even harder to get myself out of bed than usual, and I have to go in to my doctor to get the cyst drained again today, which means that I have to shower and get dressed. All I want is to go back to...
  10. C

    Didn't go to court

    Hey all So. I didn't go to court. Was up, showered & dressed. But then the panic set in. Feel terrible. What next? Likely the police will come & get me. But I can't even walk so no way I could've made it anyway
  11. Lincoln1990


    Still no call or email. Jusy called again, left a message this time on his voicemail. I'm sure he will call me back soon. Maybe the meeting is to decide who they want to give the job to? I don't know. Tried going to the library. Couldn't concentrate. It must be field trip day or something...
  12. cassandra36

    Hello I'm new here just want to share. looking for feedback.

    Hello I am 36 years old. For most of my life I have been a MtF crossdresser, at 7 I knew. At 13 told my mother and she had a horrible response. My 34th birthday I was forcibly committed. I was dressed as a female with a pistol in my hand. Much stress and drugs led up to it. I have had a very...
  13. E

    How to deal with Critical Voices

    http://www.mentalhealthforum.net/forum/thread107262.html Deaing with critical voices is much like dealing with critical people you can apply the same principles to voices. Some points I got from the article: 1. Do not become defensive [can perpetuate a cycle of argumentation] 2. Criticisms...
  14. F

    tips needed

    Hi all,was just wondering if anyone has got out of agrophobia? I haven't always been this way until 2 yrs ago due to a leg injury & losing my mobility,but I've had an op and its way better but been struggling to leave the house,yet I hate staying in all the time...its so frustrating because alot...
  15. A

    Feeling ugly!

    Does anyone feel ugly depressed overweight with no clothes to wear, Rarely leave the house. When I do venture out I see everybody all nicely dressed and full of the joys of spring,
  16. S

    Tattoos and SH

    If this contradicts forum rules, please delete admin, i'm sorry. After reading so many stories on here I have actually just realised that I never did give up self harming. I am literally covered in tattoos from the torso to my ankles (although to look at me dressed, even in a vest you would not...
  17. tiltawhirl

    I am so down & stressed.

    It's been getting worse for the last month. I never cry, but there have been tears today. I am so frustrated. I cannot get myself to DO anything and I have a very messy house to have all cleaned up in 15 days when my daughter arrives. I can barely get dressed. and if I don't do laundry today...
  18. Lincoln1990

    I think I made a decision

    I'm going to never get up and dressed again. It takes way too much energy and I won't talk to Sue about what's going on. I tried but I couldn't. I'm a failure and will always be a failure. I'm quitting therapy and medications. I won't give up and go into hospital. I'm very depressed. I want to...
  19. moyet

    feeling fabulous :)

    I'm always lurking on here and tend to only post when I'm having a tough time. Apologies for that by the way. But I've decided to break with tradition and post when I am feeling great. I've been so tired over the past few weeks and could gave slept forever. Bit that's passed. And I've been very...
  20. prairiechick

    Therapy is really hard

    Therapy is bringing up some really difficult stuff for me. I am feeling so depressed again. I thought I was climbing out of the darkness, but I am back to not showering, not getting dressed, not getting out. I'm probably going to end up watching crap on Netflix all day, just to pass the time.