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  1. Zardos

    What's PIP Actually For ?

    Are we all trying to claim the wrong benefit ? I've just been awarded PIP at the standard rate.. For.. "Help with your daily living needs" But not for "help with your mobility needs" But the paper work they sent me doesn't mention my 'mental' health.. Its all about washing, dressing and...
  2. N

    Helicopters versuses Paranoia - Don't Mix

    Hi Folks, This afternoon, and parents and I were setting out, both parties in different directions, and we were still just on the home drive. Now all off the sudden, after a few weeks; of peace and quiet, a very low helicopter, circuling above, and was t hen nerving me, whilst setting and...
  3. freshstart2016

    First Date!

    Hey guys Tomorrow is my date. We are going to a indian resturant and we are going to see a movie. I was kinda unsure as to whether this is a date or just two friends hanging out? So I googled the restaurant and had a look at it. The restaurant looks amazing. Like a lot of thought has been put...
  4. Mark_01

    Is it Offensive?

    Are you offended by the way mentally ill people are depicted on television and movies? I always see the actor playing the mentally ill person doing and saying things I would never say or do. I really hate it when they talk in the "stupid" voice. Also offended by the way they dress. I dress in...
  5. L

    Does my daughter have an eating disorder?

    My daughter is 12 and iv only recently seen how skinny she has got in the past year. She always wears baggy clothes so when she put a dress on for a family occassion a few days ago and my heart sank. The dress was hanging on her. She is eating small amounts but these r not regular and is...
  6. C

    Abuse/Ad Nauseam

    Just wondering how many of us feel we have sustained emotional/physical or sexual trauma - leading to us being unwell in adulthood? Close to my heart - as have challenged an elderly parent (went down like a lead balloon - largely cos younger sis been thru therapy - and now spilling over bout...
  7. Gajolene

    In a total panick just a vent

    :panic: Arrrr. JD is back into his gender issue again. Came prancing in wearing a purple velvet girls not womens dress he dug out of a bag of clothes donated to me to go through. He was feeling on top of the world. Talk about freaking out, trying to stay calm for him and telling him he can't go...
  8. todieforscream

    talking to family about self harm

    Hi all, not had a very good day today. Because of my physical disability i have to have help from my mom to wash and dress. She has known for years that i self harm but recently thought i had stopped. I had been trying to manage things on my own for a while as i didn't want my mom to see my...
  9. M

    do you see people?

    A few weeks ago I started seeing people. I just see their shaddows. It doesn't bother me too much but I am concerned. A few years ago I was seeing people clearly. They were either the walking dead type and very gory or just pale dead people in Victorian era dress. The Victorian people were...
  10. M

    How do I hide them

    Under lots of stress. CPN on holiday this week so feel alone. Tried to tell OH that I was feeling rediculously low and all he could say was that he cant get home for another couple of house. I just SHed! :( Been fighting it for weeks and telling myself I am strong. All sort of methods to keep...
  11. mrlaurel

    name something your've never done -- light hearted thread..

    I've never been to a fancy dress party :( go on be dareing and let it all hand out! stan:salut:
  12. RedRoseBeauty


    So since starting on my fluoxetine I haven't been sick as often. HAPPY. I am able to let the little things just fly by me, I still want it increased though because it will suppress my appetite abit more. I had a set back last week but I am getting there. I have noticed since eating + not being...
  13. Angels

    Just venting how crap im feeling.

    I need to lose weight. my prom is in a few months. currently im having to wear a size 18 dress due to large breasts that run in my family :scared: and ive always for most of my life been that way. its impossible for me to fit into my old size 14 but i just feel completley crap and down and i...
  14. S

    Fancy Dress, Halloween and Firework Display. All's Welcome !

    Fancy Dress, Halloween and Firework Display. All my friends here are welcome too :) !!! I'm spreading the word around and have also invited my PDoc's and Mental Health Team, CPN etc. When: Saturday 30th October At: 7:30pm til Very Late am !! :D Venue: Pm me for directions. Live...
  15. Mosaic

    first date.... er, help?

    hey guys, i have a girlfriend and have done for a few months now, and its time i took her out on a date, have been meaning to do it, but iv only just got money to do it now! lol. she has been hinting at it and i really want to impress her, so what should i do? should i dress in a certain way...