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  1. LexLoofer

    Enough with the nightmares already

    I am tired of the vivid dreams. Most nights they're just very weird and disrupt my quality of sleep. Most mornings I wake up about 2 hours earlier than usual. But sometimes, like tonight, the dreams are very disturbing. Tonight I was responsible for the deaths of no less than 6 people, and I...
  2. S

    Powerful Dreams

    Lately ever since the Dr changed two of my medications I have been havin some overwhelmingly Intense Dreams. It has become hard to separate the dreams from the “real” world. When I’m in these dreams it feels like they are the real world and not this reality. I’ve been struggling with this, it...
  3. valleygirl

    Anxiety about going to sleep

    My moods have been up and down quite a lot lately - not major swings or anything like that, just enough to be a bit concerned about. (My psychiatrist knows about it and tweaked my meds.) Yesterday I did a 4 hour hike with my dad (impressive for me at the weight I'm at), and it was a really...
  4. D

    Meds causing issues

    Hello again, I have been on zyprexa for about 6 weeks now. I started on 10mg but was recently upped to 20mg. It is helping better but I am noticing some things. I'm having bursts of mania. Not mean, I just feel like I'm on top of the world and nothing can stop me. It's lasts for a few days then...
  5. Funnyday


    My voices have been waking me up in the night by causing dreams to happen. When their activity goes overboad it wakes me up. Right now when typing this they have become active again. I'm listening to music and they are transmitting the voices of the singers slightly later then the music is...

    Lucid Dreaming.

    Last night I started reading a book about lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is when you become conscious and aware during your dreams. I often see my departed mother in my dreams so it would be cool if I could have a proper chat with her. Maybe I could find out more about the afterlife. One of...
  7. albie

    My Only Dream Is death

    I'm not sure it is depression so much. More that I have seen through the illusion of life. People have dreams that are achievable. These dreams are really not worth having. Some have dreams that will never come true. The dreams are not really worth having. Isn't it better if we just didn't...
  8. B

    Dream meanings

    Anyone here able to analyse dreams? I tend to have many unsettling dreams due to childhood truama of alcohol abuse and domestic violence growing up. My therapist suggests getting these dreams looked at? This is a recent one was sat in a hall for a work party, during the party the group i was...
  9. Kerome

    Voices and dreams

    Do you ever have your voices entering your dreams? I’ve had a few cases where luminous things were masquerading as human beings in my dreams. Of course you don’t know whether you are dreaming about your voices or whether your voices have entered your dreams... it’s hard to know unless your...
  10. S

    So lost

    Hi I’m new at all this only recently I went to get help from my doctor. I just can’t take it everyday feels like I’m about to face a battle. I have 4 kids and it’s the only reason I haven’t killed my self. I wouldn’t want to mess them up like how my life was messed up. But it so hard I have no...
  11. D

    The nothing

    People have begun to lose hope,to forget their hopes and dreams,and the nothing grows stronger each day
  12. D

    From top of the world to the pits of despair

    I've crashed.from feeling so fantastic this morning to laying in bed the last few hours sinking deeper into despair,hopelessness,darkness.i know if I do sleep that I will have horrendous dreams, four to five times a week I have awful dreams.so tired of this life
  13. G

    My past takes over in my dreams.

    I thought PTSD was about our Veterans. I feel I have a form of this due to my own past. Feels emotions, experiences, happy times, as well as struggles that I have come to call survivalmode, have taken over my present tense both while awake as well as when I sleep through my dreams. As a result...
  14. M


    on my second attempt to get of this drug with the aid of the "professionals" Today i feel so unwell and thats just one day without the lowest dose which i had been on for 2 weeks. if i go back on to a higher dose, again then i will have to go through the whole thing again. nausea, head caps...
  15. Prairie Sky


    Is anyone else fascinated by dreams? I'm sure a psychologist could have a lot of fun with some of mine. If you have had interesting or vivid dreams you'd like to share, feel free to post them here. One I remember from awhile back, I was walking over a stretch of ocean in sub-zero...
  16. M

    OCD thinking fears of doing things in sleep

    I suffer from anxiety, I am currently doing well, before it was crippling. The only medication I take currently is Propanalol. For a few months now i have been having very bizarre dreams. Such as blue yarn coming from the ceiling, seeing things all over the walls, ive had a few that were...
  17. M

    Venlafaxine and crazy dreams ...

    Anyone have this on Venlafaxine or any other anti depressants ?? It seems every time i got to sleep or even drop off for a few hours i have the most intense but crazy dreams, some good and some awful. Its been pretty constant since i started taking the meds two odd years ago. Are there any meds...
  18. CandleBird

    Disturbing, Vivid Nightmares.

    Hello there. I'm new to the forum, so I hope I'm not doing anything terribly wrong by posting my sleep/dream related problems in the "Experiences" category. Since I can't narrow it down to any specific disorder, it seems most fitting. So...I've been having terribly violent dreams for about a...
  19. K

    Voices and voices! Help! They talk about God

    Hey, so I was diagnosed with psychosis and bipolar but I might be schizophrenic too. Anyway, I am a Christian and I don't know what to do anymore. I hear voices in my head, outside my head sometimes they are far away but close. Sometimes they are loud and sometimes they are not. It's like I can...
  20. A

    Hi from Windows Aylif

    I feel like Im reeking of desperation to search for a forum to talk about my feelings. Is there no one in my life I can talk to? :panic: I am so unhappy and everything I do to try and change my situation lands me in the same place, a deep dark hole. If happiness stood in front of me I'd turn...