1. T

    Careful what you wish for

    Somehow on paper, have everything Ive always day dreamed about. Yet for the past many years all I wanna do is kill myself. Never had cancer, but If I coulf choose I would choose cancer over this depression Ive had over the past 15 yrs. Atleast with cancer I would be alive, feel, live, love...
  2. tiltawhirl

    Last night, dreamed that I was banned.

    and if I had said what I really wanted to, I probably would have been. I usually do not let anyone get to me like that. I hope today I can remain balanced and philosophical about the whole thing. EVEN tho, I would have been right.
  3. myownveryone

    Getting Dreams Nad Real Life Mixed Up

    I've just realised something I've been stewing about all day was actually a dream. I dreamed that I went to an appointment for income support. She told me I was fit for work. I lashed out, shouting and screaming and she told me then, that if I behave like that I can't have my son anymore. Also...
  4. valleygirl

    Recurring Dream

    I've been remembering a lot of things lately--things that I pushed into the background, things I didn't want to remember. One of these things is a dream I've had about 5 times. In my dream, it is my wedding day, and I am standing at the back of the church, about to walk down the aisle. And as...
  5. D

    Has anyone dreamed that they were burned, or injured?

    Please I need to know. I read a study which said if people dream they are burned they will get burn wounds in real life also. Now I am absolutely terrified of dreaming to the point it's ruining my day to day life.
  6. M

    Triggered by friend's near suicide

    Today I am a mess after helping my suicidal friend.it has brought up all these feelings of remorse that I could not save my father from killing himself. I have been crying all morning and feeling an irrational guilt. How could a 7 year old save a grown man? I know it makes no sense but part of...
  7. M

    *Trigger* False memories

    I have a lot of false memories which I think are real but I have dreamed about and I also get a lot of dejavu moments where something I have dreamed has come true. At the moment I have a memory ( I sort of regressed it) which I don't know whether it is real or it could be a false memory. The...
  8. prairiechick

    Recurring Dream

    I dreamed again last night that I was getting married, and again I dreamed that I was terrified. The guy was decent, but I was so scared about having sex. Afraid of someone else being in control of my body. But with despair I didn't back out because for some reason I felt that I had to get...