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  1. T

    UC and 6 monthly fit notes

    Is this even if you are in the support group? 6 montly fit notes. It is a hard benefit to understand and i am dreading having to move over to it from esa. Friends are having big problems.
  2. S

    DLA to PIP

    I received a letter this morning to say that I need to claim PIP (I am still on DLA). I am dreading it all. I have heard some horror stories.
  3. Fairy Lucretia

    dreading the weekend

    don't know how im going to get through it x
  4. x-chrissy-x

    Can't accept scars

    I hate the way I look so much I went on to self harm a lot and now the scars are bad I'm wanting to die rather than have people stare there on both arms and my thigh I'm dreading what to wear in summer I usually love summer
  5. I


    Hi, I am new to this forum and im looking for people who feel the same or can relate to me. I have suffered from depression for around 4 years but recently i have become so lost in myself i dont know what to do. I am constantly having horrible thoughts and it keeps me awake at night. I let it...
  6. Fairy Lucretia

    feel like i have to die before my birthday

    i feel so lost and alone i dont want to be here any more i miss mummy so much it hurts every second of every day but my CPN wont let me have greif counselling because she said im not stable enough i have my sister and have my aunt but my aunty is 87 and in really bad health im dreading her...
  7. U


    I finally got my letter from Atos I go nxt wk for my assessment and I'm totally dreading it that I can't sleep and when I do sleep I'm waking up in a panic attack I can't breathe the stress is so bad I feel like I'd rather die in some way rather than go through with this I feel so low total...
  8. Z

    Utterly dreading the festive period

    Its so fake the way people pretend xmas is special and all this crap. With no quality of life, no future and being miserable as fuck day in day out its even worse than the normal day. I go into every year hoping itl be my last and only 20 days left of completing another year of...
  9. R

    Hello. Wish I felt better

    I'm 47 years old, married with a 16 year old daughter. In 2014 I was off work with depression and anxiety. I was signed off for 6wks and was prescribed serotonin. When I went back to work it was very difficult for me. Things had changed and I was no longer the person who people came to for...
  10. M

    Emotional abuse?

    Hi I'm new here and I just wanted to ask about emotional abuse. Can it exist between friends? I have a complicated story but the main point is I desperately want to leave where I live because I feel I can't go on anymore. I have an older friend who dominates me and manipulates me but in a subtle...
  11. H

    Losing control

    I have really bad health anxiety, and at the moments its at its worst. I think this is because I go to New York in 7 days and I am dreading it in case I get ill on the plane or while I am there. I am waking up constantly and in a morning I can't even function. As soon as I wake up I start...
  12. Caitjinoy

    Well it's not a secret anymore

    Long story short my friend, my mom, and sister now know about my self harm. It was bound to happen sooner or later but I've been dreading the day they find out. I don't know how to feel...
  13. R

    First attempt to stop

    SH over last year daily, in my 40's mother of 2. I have managed 2 days now but it's all I can think about. Can't keep still, trying to keep mind occupied, reorganised every bit of the house I can think of. Dreading tonight as everyone out, say I'm dreading it but im really dreading the trying...
  14. calypso

    OT again!

    Before anyone says, "You are lucky to get anything from services" please don't! I'm not in the mood. I have a psychiatric OT coming on Wednesday and I am dreading it. Every time I ask for help, I get one of these clowns. Its because I am on the Recovery Team and they are desperate to get me...
  15. B

    Dread seeing my Cpn :-/

    Hi there, I'm completely new to this site but from what I've read it's been very helpful. :-) Long story short, I have been under the cmht for almost 2 years, the first year being particularly bad and was a terrible time including being in hospital on more than one occasion. This past 7-8...
  16. C

    court friday

    After 8 months, I'm in court friday. So dreading it. I know it will be straightforward but if I don't go I'll be arrested. Today last day of drinking. Need detox so I have clear head for the day. This case dragged on so long stressing me. Should have been sorted long ago
  17. S

    Scared of sleeping alone at night

    I have always been somewhat scared of the dark and sleeping alone, but recently it is getting really bad. like the other night i did not want to sleep by my self so i had my mom lay with me but she had to go home and I got to scared and turn on my light and it took me like 4 hours to actually...
  18. bulbie

    Appeal and dreading it

    So it looks like I'm going to have to take my PIP claim to appeal. I just want to die.
  19. P

    in the same place

    Hi There! I haven't written a new comment in a while. I've been well, or so I thought, i think i may have been manic...I just got engaged to a guy a barely know and now things in reality are creeping up on me. I have no idea where to turn or what to do, I don't want to push him away, but i am a...
  20. Nooma42

    Moviprep next week and the anxiety has begun

    Next Sunday I have to have moviprep (bowel prep) for the first time before I go into hospital for a colonoscopy. I'm so incredibly anxious about drinking the moviprep. Its about 2 litres over a 4 hour period and it apparently tastes disgusting. I have a really bad phobia of being sick so I'm...