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  1. Daniilove25

    A couple questions

    Good morning all, so when I first saw a therapist I remember her having me take a dpd test on my second visit, I saw her about 4 times before I ran into money issues so it's been a while since I've been able to see her. The test made it seem like in order to have the problem you had to feel like...
  2. F

    Drained and tired

    Does anyone else get days when they feel drained and tired ,usually accompanied by a degree of anxiety?
  3. A

    Stuck with depression

    Hello all, Just joined up. So Ive been struggling with depression like symptoms since last October time. 2017 was a nightmare, I had to give up my home and job in london to come back and be carer for my parents, 4 weeks after that mum died... dad was ready to just fall apart so I had to keep up...
  4. P

    Work and anxiety

    I am new to this but I have been told I have a severe anxiety disorder. When I'm at home I am fine but every morning before work as soon as the alarm clock goes off, I am physically heaving . This continues all the way to work, and I'm just drained. I am taking medication and seeing a counselor...
  5. cpuusage

    Very low energy, drained & exhausted.

    Energy levels fluctuate, & think that the medication effects things. Have just felt so drained & unmotivated.
  6. R

    Do I have a mental illness?painkillers like smarties

    I have extreme highs and lows when all I want is neautral.Im either lethargic and drained and feel as though there's no future for me or I'm really happy feeling positive I can go from lying in a bed crying not wanting to talk ,haven't been out the house for days to up dressed out shopping...
  7. S

    Sertraline? Need encouragement

    First time I've posted on something like this. I've suffered on and off with depression since I was 17 and I'm now 27 and feel like I'm having a serious breakdown. I went 2 full nights without any sleep at all, just lying tossing and turning and couldn't shut my brain off. My doctor gave me...
  8. k.lori

    I Just Need To Connect

    I just found out about a week ago that I have PTSD. It wasn't necessarily a shock because I've heard from my first Counselor and my new counselor that EVEN THOUGH THEY CAN'T DIAGNOSE, they'd probably say that my diagnosis is PTSD. And Lo and behold.. I can tell (now looking back) that I've been...
  9. Im_Lost

    I need motivation!

    i literally have No motivation what so ever... its not like im lazy i do leave the house to go food shopping and then out with my friend and we visit each others houses, then theres work on the weekends. i just have no motivation to do anything on the days when i dont have plans and the days...
  10. S

    Does it ever get any better

    Just the above really just feels like the pain will go on forever I'm tried of having to be strong and live this sub life where I spend all my time trying to just physically get through it. I try to see the good side- I have an amazing boyfriend who I really love and who keeps me going most of...
  11. S

    Worst Panic Attack To Date

    After some weeks of minimal depression & anxiety it came as a shock to me last night that I would have the worst panic attack to date... it literally had all of the symptons of a heart attack only with added intense shakes. I was very close to waking someone to phone an ambulance but I don't...
  12. X

    Unable to trust people

    I haven't posted on here for a while but I've been feeling rather down & drained lately. I suffer with anxiety & I just feel confused & im much more angry than usual, like, I snap at everyone & for every little thing...i find it incredibly hard to trust people, I've started seeing someone & he's...
  13. L

    Sepsis has ruined my life.

    Just feel so down. In brief, I contracted sepsis last year following major Bowel surgery. I was lucky in that I lost no limbs, relative minor organ failure and more importantly I survived. Was a tough recovery and ended up with being 'drained' on four different occasions. Since the sepsis I...
  14. Conker

    Feeling Drained

    Hello, I am new to this forum and not sure where to write this. I am not comfortable with introductions, sorry. I just feel so drained by everything. Everything seems to be happening at once. A few weeks ago I started to get really down, money issues mostly. Then a week later I find out my...
  15. U

    Feeling low

    Getting diagnosed with a pd and no bipolor ne more has wrecked my life destroyed my mind being dumped and ridiculed by the mh services they things they said the nasty names get no contact ne more no that I'm begging for help of them I feel so drained mint think I can tk this much ne more
  16. Mister.B

    Cold making me too weak to deal with symptoms.

    I have 'the sniffles' and it's really drained me. I'm starting to feel less real, I can hear thoughts that are not my own, I keep feeling like it's christmas (which I get quite a lot but never more than once in a day), my body feels like it's drifting away from me. I can't afford to transition...
  17. valleygirl

    Can antibiotics mess with your head?

    I'm taking antibiotics for a cyst in my ear, and I'm feeling a lot of anxiety--so much that it's even harder to get myself out of bed than usual, and I have to go in to my doctor to get the cyst drained again today, which means that I have to shower and get dressed. All I want is to go back to...
  18. Caitjinoy

    Is it too much to ask??

    Is it too much to ask to be able to come home after a log day of work and lay in my bed, uninterrupted, and watch a little T.V.? But no, my sister loves to come into my room all the time uninvited and not leave when I tell her to. And then she proceeds with either "why do you hate me?" Or "but...
  19. Caitjinoy

    New to the forum

    Hi I have used another forum but it loads so slowly and some days it does not even go to the right page so hopefully this will be better and I can vent when I need to. I have been self harming for a few months. Some good days where I could control the urge but most days I can't. I can't really...
  20. B

    Mentally drained on weekends

    Hi all. I've been suffering from GAD for about 2 and a half years. I've done hypnotherapy, self help books, counselling, exercise and cutting out caffeine. All of which have helped a great deal. I've also been on anti depressants which helped me get through the worst of it. There is just one...