1. S

    split up with gf

    have recently split with my gf and has made my depression worse want to get her back but feel I have pushed her away for good . maybe its for the best maybe I'm not in the best position in my life to be with a women because I may drag her down with me with my depression and anxiety. what are ur...
  2. N

    Cant go outside

    i havent stepped outside my house in months, just once every 3 - 4 weeks to drag bin out. i havent spoken in 2 years.
  3. amathus

    10 ways of thinking that can drag you down.

    10 Ways of Thinking That Drag You Down | Addiction Recovery 'Here’s a troubling truth about the human mind: It loves to be negative — it’s nature’s way of keeping us alert to danger — and those negative thoughts are often automatic and full of distortions. That means you may find yourself being...
  4. BillFish

    Going to have CBT soon

    Going to have CBT soon, should be an experience, as I can't recall swathes of my life, wonder what it will drag up? Hopefully won't be too dramatic :meanie:
  5. J

    partner with depression....

    So my partner is on anti-depressents but they are not working. He is sleeping 12-16 hours a day and doesn't get up until 11 am. Right now he is eating though his sick days...but he wont have many left soon.... We have a 2 yr old and I'm trying to take courses at home. I'm fighting to keep my...
  6. H

    How do you cope when the TV is talking to you?

    For the first time, I am seeing things and getting messages through the TV to kill myself. How do you cope? What will happen when CMHT know? Do they drag you off to hospital?
  7. prairiechick

    If I do it...

    ...I have to do it right the first time. There will not be a second time. I cannot bear the thought that if I screw it up my parents will drag me back to BC and watch my every move.
  8. Lolli_Liability

    WHY BOTHER. so dam lonely wish my atempt worked

    I dont get it why is it that i build relationshipd and begin to feel people are my friends and there for me well what a load of S**T !!!! where are they now when i need them most ? noone to be seen , its asif people get bored of me well fed up of iy i feel like im bein draged ack to hell...
  9. Lolli_Liability

    Im sorry

    Im soryy to you all that im back here moaning and banging on im sorry that im not ok , i thought i was for a while things got ok i was doing ok but now my moods have really dropped. im now stuck in a depression i cant get out of . I dont want to get out of bed , i find it hard finding reasons in...
  10. A

    Hello From me

    Just want to say hello to everyone.Just joined . Alot of interesting subjects on here and very very useful. I suffer from phycotic ,panic attacks, anxiety attacks and self harm. The worst part of my illness is hearing voices.I am trying some technices but am wondering what others use. The voices...
  11. H

    Stopped Geodon 80mg

    I stopped my meds tonight, I started taking Geodon 80mg on Tuesday evening. The side effects were insomnia, and next morning lethargy. I could barely drag myself out of bed.