1. C

    Had a tough weekend

    Hi all, I've had a really bad weekend. I haven't bathed or showered, and have only eaten rubbish. This is quite unlike me. I normally shower at least once a day and when well, gain a lot of pleasure from preparing and cooking healthy food. I'm not beating myself up about it, as I've said on...
  2. F

    Downward spiral

    In the happiest place I have been for a long time....but can feel myself going down....why.... I just don't get it and don't understand?!?!?! If I had a reason to be depressed I could understand but life is gd at the it going to be like this forever?
  3. B

    Downward Spiral - Trigger Warning

    Lately my ED has become a problem again. Been restricting and everything I do eat I been wanting to purge. It's as if I can't allow myself to eat. If I do, I failed. It's as though food is forbidden to even eat anything. I'm so tired of fighting this. It as though everything with this is...
  4. D

    Crisis Centers

    Does anyone have experiences with Crisis Centers they would like to share with me? I think I need to go... but I don't know if I can afford to put my life on pause, but at the same time I'm on a downward spiral....
  5. P

    Tired, no motivation, can't concentrate. Time to change meds?

    Hi everyone, I've been on 45mg Mirtazapine for about 10 months now. Been working well overall for my mood, but has never helped much for my insomnia even though I find it very sedating. As of late, I'm exhausted all the time. I can't concentrate in uni and I find everything piling on top of...
  6. I

    What to do when no one will help you

    See i tried for years now to get the help i needed see some of the issues i dealing with is when i become scared nervous or upset i become verbally abusive argumentive and say what is ever on my mind like an example i may call a black guy that i mad at rhe n word along with a bunch of other...
  7. C


    North Wiltshire Doorway Office Station Hill House Station Hill Chippenham SN15 1EQ Doorway drop-in sessions Salvation Army Hall Foghamshire Chippenham SN15 1HB 01249 445385 [email protected] Open access drop-in sessions each week Monday 9.30am – 12.30pm, Thursday 12.30 – 3.30pm...
  8. prairiechick


    Now that I'm finished my classes for the semester and done my exams, I find myself sliding downwards again. I had a few weeks where I was doing quite well, but with nothing to do I feel useless and ashamed. I am struggling to get myself out for a walk each day, and have had several days of...
  9. cpuusage

    The Poets’ Code of Ethics – Rules for the Road Ahead

    The Poets Poet'''s code of ethics In the later decades of the 19th Century, the British philosopher, Herbert Spencer, took an honest look at world trends and predicted that civilization was on a downward trend, for culture, beauty and ethical practices were neglected in society. He believed...
  10. prairiechick

    What Happened?????????????

    I was doing fairly well (fragile, but okay) until Thursday around 3:15 pm, when I was driving to a doc appointment. And then I got flustered in traffic, realized the doc's secretary gave me the wrong directions, got anxious that I was going to be late. Finally I found the place, but had a hard...
  11. C

    so sorry its been a while

    So much has gone on and am on a downward spiral have s/h not in a good place sorry :low::low: crusher
  12. B

    Intrusive Thoughts

    Why do i do this to my self! I can be fine one minute,then i get a thought in my head that seems to say how are you feeling at the moment,and this triggers a downward spiral. Then comes all the crap, panic,fear,palpitations,stomach churning and presure in the head........I hate it!!:low:
  13. sunflower

    Really feeling the pressure now

    Downward spiral, here I come :scared:
  14. messymoo

    downward spiral

    I really feel I am on a downward spiral at the moment and I feel so alone all I can think of is harming myself and it is so difficult trying to remain as though nothing is wrong for my daughter and husband I really just want the ground to open up and swallow me. I have stopped my medication and...