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  1. AEWDude

    DR wants to up my fluoxetine

    My doctor wants to up my fluoxetine dosage, but I'm very reluctant as the past 2 weeks on 20mg have made me feel worse than ever. Just wanted to know people's experiences. Has anyone else started at the low dose and made them feel awful, then upped it and it made them feel better? I really...
  2. A

    My Mirtazapine Experience

    WARNING! Do not take my personal opinions as a medical advice! Mirtazapine is a noradrenergic and specific serotonergic antidepressant drug with a very interesting non linear action. It's effects are very much dose dependent. At 7.5 mg it has a strong sedative action, while it's adrenergic...
  3. Hopeful313

    New and looking for help/advise

    Hi, I’ve been dealing with PTSD since 2004. My first anxiety and panic attacks started when my mom and younger brother who lived with me and never separated even during war time. Then the rest of my brothers and sisters were moving away. I felt alone and scared. I don’t have pleasant past. I’ve...
  4. A

    Taking meds and changing time zones

    Hi all, looking for some advice. I take 40mg of Prozac every morning when I get up to make sure I don't miss a dose. The trouble is, when I go from Australia to the UK I change time zones so significantly that if I continued to take my meds at the same time, it would change to evening rather...
  5. R

    Are your voices ghosts

    Dose anyone else here think that their voices are paranormal, mine are.
  6. fazza

    Latuda anyone else on it

    Just had a med change to latuda as my diagnosis has been changed to schizoaffective. The pharmacy really strugggled to get it in. Does anyone else here take it. Just had my first dose. Hoping it works well. Andy
  7. N

    Those Autumn/Winter nightime blues,/Fluxoetine treatment

    Hi Folks, Due to mental health problems whilst away, and also travelling back to home in all day wet on Saturday, I have been severely irritible, and leading almost which isn't at all like me, into slight depression, and what with the autum/winter nightime blues literally starting to bite, I...
  8. M

    Benzodiazepine and pregabalin/lyrica

    Hallo, I am not suffering with anxiety but my partner does. I originally joined this forum about a month ago during a particularly bad episode and really wanted to seek some advice on how best to help my partner in coping with this affliction. He is the most wonderful kind person at heart but...
  9. N

    September holiday/vacation

    Hi Folks, I am looking forward to my family holiday coming up, September time. Hopefully and all beign well, I'll do zumba on board, if it is too jumpy, too fast, I'll attend the once. I shall try to enquire if it is gold level. I'll also wish to take part in karaoke, so once I check the...
  10. L

    What on earth am I doing so wrong?

    Been depressed for more years I'd like to admit... been on countless SSRI's, none worked except fluoxetine which worked a bit too much. I've been hospitalised twice this year. The second admission was about 8 weeks and I was changed onto venlafaxine, I seemed somewhat encouraged early on but...
  11. N

    September holiday - cruise - medication - time of day to take dose

    Hi Folks, I am beginning to prepare/plan, my doses for days when away at sea (if ashore, on a day I'll take after back into cabins of ours) now I plan to take my daily doses at around 11am, too early b reakfast time to start measuring the dose in a med cup, so 11 will be, and an allowing for...
  12. R

    Hearing Voices/Sounds?

    Hi, Well I did PeyoteQH. And throughout the dose I swear I heard my sister talking. I couldn't understand what she was saying, and it started to piss me off since I like doing my doses in complete quite, and then the dose ended about 2 minutes after and I looked around the whole house, and she...
  13. boudreauj4

    Medication frequency change

    I have been taking 60mg of ziprasidone (Geodon) twice a day for the last 2.5 years and it has worked fine for me except I've had this problem. About half the time, it seems like the dose wears off and I start getting withdrawal symptoms before my next dose time is here. I get this feeling like...
  14. N

    Slightly Nervous - Anxiosu regarding away for 24 hours (travelling side of things by car)

    Slightly Nervous - Anxiosu regarding away for 24 hours (travelling side of things by car) Hi All, I have been feeling where I should be looking happily forward to getting to Kent, for away for 24 hours, with parents and my brother, and his o ther signaficant parents, and her, as well, meeting...
  15. N

    Weather Most Likely - Fluxoetine

    Evening Folks, I had an idea, to help me see throuigh this evening, owing to the incoming wet weat her over the next coupel of days./nights, and strong breezes, I t houight oh i know, I'll have a dose of my Fluxoetine. So I s hall see, come half eight, quart er to nine, forgetting that I...
  16. R

    I don't have time for this

    I can't believe I'm here. Not in this forum necessarily, but in a deep state of depression. I'm a father of two wonderful teenagers, I have a wife who loves and supports me, my parents are both still alive and married to each other. I'm a business owner and appear to have it all together to...
  17. M


    Hi everyone. My name is Jocelyn, and I am new here. My doc is weaning me off Haldol, and has added 5mg as a starting dose of olanzapine. This was Wednesday, and I take it at night as it makes me drowsy. Yesterday, I felt stoned, and today it is even worse. Can a low dose do that. Will it...
  18. B

    overdose of sertraline

    what would happened if i took an overdose of sertraline? im not threatening my life so dont worry.
  19. N


    HI Folks, (Be prepared, in case I'll have to pause typing here and there due to coughing) I am starting to feel unwell. I am not sure, whether if it is just my catarrah nasal drip, and since having trialed choclate, only it's been made, I discovered with milk, here, and it is dark...
  20. M

    Venlafaxine, attempted suicide, and non diagnosis

    I am so useless. I am a mum of 2 and I try my hardest to keep it together for them. The feeling of unworthiness is overwhelming once they go to bed, then I can let it all out. I am on 375mg venlafaxine. I don't think doctors have prescribed me properly. I was on max dose of sertraline, can't...