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  1. I


    Open the Doors > Decreasing Stigma
  2. mrlaurel

    need to deal with this agression........

    I won't swear I'll be good but add any word you woul like here.. ---- ------- ---- ---------! phew! thats better :) I am having a bad one, in fact true be told I've been on a bad one for two weeks now, my mind is full of rubbish, my thoughts are aggressive and dangerous and its like I want...
  3. D

    Hearing knocking

    Hi, I have bipolar type 2 and am being treated for it. I suffered with post natal psychosis too. When I'm low I have voices bother me.. Anyway, recently when I have been alone (baby napping) I start hearing knocking at the kitchen window... At first I thought it was my grandmother coming to...
  4. dodo777

    Want to move on

    but how?Alone most days dont want to be around people,why?Feel times up.Waiting,waiting ,waiting for what.Want to be diagnosed want to know why me and mine.Why others are just getting on with it.Misery can't be seen behind closed doors i expect there's thousands in my area like me.Worried...
  5. W

    hard to breathe

    My life has gotten so claustrophobic and small I often find it hard to breathe .No no knowing what Will make it better or worse terrifies me .I have no idea what situation will make me better or worse ,what to avoid ,obvuosly I have triggers I know that now ,but i still havnt worked out how they...
  6. A

    Not a good day

    Having one of my bad days. Sat at my desk at work and all i want to do is rush home, lock the doors and not see anyone.
  7. J

    jelly bean back again

    Hi guys hope u r all well sorry not been on but it has been a rocky road for me and still i am fighting. Im in a dark place and all I want to do is block my windows and doors up so no one can get into me and I cant get out. I want it sound proff so then no one can hear my desperate screams :(
  8. Rhino

    Anyone been to see a psychic?

    Was it a one to one or part of a group? Care to share your experience, thoughts, feelings etc? Tonight I am going to see Sally Morgan (Psychic Sally). I have seen her shows on television and like her light hearted approach but equally caring way she shares what she has to say. This will be my...
  9. Angels

    Doors :S

    This probably isnt unusual but i HAVE to have my bedroom door shut at ALL times!! If someone comes in my room i have to make sure its closed properley when they leave. if im downstairs and someone goes upstairs i have to follow them up just to make sure my doors closed. when someone is in the...