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  1. M

    Hello. I am not well.

    Hello all. As the topic states i have been sick with depression and generalized anxiety for 18 years. I am 43 years old and live in Denmark with my wife in a house with our 3 dogs. I joined because i was hoping to get some additional information that could help me.
  2. Poopy Doll

    So much for Love Thy Neighbor

    We took the dogs for a run in the park and then left them in the car while we made a pit stop in the store. IT WAS NIGHT. It was not hot. Some dumb young woman came up to me and said, "I almost broke your window. You left the dogs in the car without cracking the windows." She even had them make...
  3. C

    Fear of dogs

    I’m ashamed to admit this, but I’m terrified of dogs. I can’t go near one without having some sort of mild panic attack. I’ve been doing a good job of avoiding one at all costs expect this past weekend, I was walking from my apartment to the mechanics to pick my car up, and from out of nowhere...
  4. Chris Walken


    I once saw, and heard a Sunderland Bomber. It was quite the experience. But, this thread's about Dogs. Okay? Where were we? Oh, yes; Dogs. Dogs are the bollocks anyway. That's a given. Yeah? But, where in hell do ye think ye'd be Without ye Dog(s)? My Dogs (I have a bunch of them) are the...
  5. C

    How do I get over my severe phobia of dogs?

    I am a dog owner myself and I love dogs, but I am scared of dogs I don't know, especially large dogs. This all stems from being bitten by another dog in our family several times. (to the point where I needed stitches.) Because of this I ended up moving out of their home. Even though I am in a...
  6. Fairy Lucretia

    had chance to make a RL friend x

    and i can't do it ,i met the loveliest lady a little bit younger than me a few weeks ago over the field with maddie ,we got talking about our dogs and she said she would help me if the children were a nuisance (i was having problems at the time) and we exchanged numbers so she could help if...
  7. S

    Noisy Neighbours

    Ok I don't want to sound like I am moaning but this is getting on my nerves. I have lived in my house for almost 10 years, I had neighbours before these ones moved in which is almost 2 years, the ones before these were horrible neighbours but they were not as bad as these ones. There is the...
  8. albie

    Had another breakdown/satan in my head

    Back on the sick. Been so for four years now. Fell out with my voices. They were saying very nasty things about my father being killled by dogs. Next day a lass was killed by dogs. It was like they made it happen through me. Now we are sort of pally again but he has turned much nastier now. I...
  9. L

    Does this person appear to be suffering from schizophrenia?

    He says he is chased by red eyed anthropomorphic dogs, a man died of mould poisoning when no mould was found in his home, he travels through time, people in his town commit suicide en masse, he has seen spontaneously combusted deer, and compares his town to the town in Stephen King'sIT. He seems...
  10. P

    Witnessing suffering, and guilt for feeling happy while others suffer

    Hi, Even at times when I am generally in a jovial mood, if I come across pictures on social media either depicting or making reference to the suffering of other humans or animals (particularly dogs), I become extremely sad and withdrawn. I tear up sometimes and ruminate on the topic for half an...
  11. P

    Feel a bit better today.

    they are quiet, I feel relaxed and in a reflective mood. dont have another psych visit for 3 months. keep getting a powerfull tingling on the top of my crown. Feels like the top of my head is open and thoughts from others are getting in. At the moment I am low functioning, it's an enduring...
  12. S

    Dogs barking make me feel aflicted.

    So, lately, whenever I hear dogs barking, I start to feel really stressed and aflicted. I just want them to stop, but there's nothing I can do about it. And thing is, about two months ago, I wouldn't feel like this -at all-. I wouldn't even hear dogs barking, even though almost every neighbor...
  13. Lincoln1990

    Should I have gone?

    My family went to the lake to stay the night. As all of you know I've been very suicidal lately. I can't go camping. I can't leave the house, let alone go camping. I just can't. I can't leave the dogs either. Should I have gone?
  14. peace_within

    doggie for feel good factor

    Hi, Just been looking after a neighbour's dog while she is away on holiday and have noticed a more relaxed state of mind! I would think carefully before getting a pet of my own but it has been a good experience as I never had cat or dog growing up. Animals don't live in the past, (sometimes...
  15. D

    children are the only nice people left

    had a laugh wityh a group of bored kids with their dogs today while the adults look at me like some sort of freak.
  16. H

    tell me which parts of me are worthless

    NB - the knife reference means to fight with and kill the depression, rather than it killing you. It does NOT refer to self-harm. Also, of this is the wrong place to post regarding what you feel, please would you move it to the right one, thanks :) Battles with the black dog ~ I’ve seen...
  17. D

    do you eve get days that you dont care about voices cause you happy

    had one today walking my dog in the park in the sunshine and nothing seemed to matter I was paranoid and hearing voices but being out in the sun making my dogs happy was worth it all. I call that a fuck it moment.:loveshower:
  18. pippinjay

    I am in bed it is half past six and I was bored so I did a little hop skip an duh jump over the haystack to where the tooth fairies live and this is w

    I am in bed it is half past six and I was bored so I did a little hop skip an duh jump over the haystack to where the tooth fairies live and this is whop I found... dogs hey are super intelligent, and so now we knows how far we can go with a cow just...
  19. Fairy Lucretia

    what i think

    f*** my life and I like love and I like helping and I like anything fuck my life and fuck me im starting to despise my mother why did she have to have me its all because of her I cant die right now I swear on my dogs life I wish somebody would kill me now
  20. T

    Time Alone

    Do you all find that if you spend a long period of time alone, you become much more reactive around people? I live with 3 other people. For the past 3 weeks they've been gone out of town. One came back last week, and my temper has been very short even over the smallest things (laundry, tracking...